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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Days: Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mel is trying to get info out of Philip regarding Chloe. She's not comfortable with her keeping things from Daniel and them getting married anyway.

Daniel says that's it's none of Carly's business and asks her what difference it makes. She's really quiet all of a sudden. She really doesn't want to be the one to tell him. She was really hoping Chloe would step up. Carly looks like it's making her ill to be the one in this position. Carly needs hugs!

Avenger sees Ciara and the wallets through the window and wonders what she can do to stop Bo from seeing them. Um, you can ring the doorbell then tell him that you've forgotten something. That will distract him.

Victor tells Maggie that he's throwing around all this money to get back in her good graces. She says, "You can't get back someplace you never were." He says, that she doesn't want to like him. Heehee.

Oh, see! Dr Baker set off a car alarm and it distracted Bo. Avenger is still on the porch looking in the window and says "now all I need is a miracle" Um.... or you could ring the doorbell! Ciara would open it for you I'm pretty sure.

Chloe doesn't seem to want to kill Carly. Vivian has to work on her some more.

Carly needs to walk away. Daniel won't listen to her or let her talk. He says that there is nothing she can say that will stop him from marrying Chloe. Dude, you have NO idea. Ha.

Okay, Caroline calls Ciara in to help with the cookies. Ciara leaves the wallets un attended on the sofa. Avenger looks skyward says, "I owe you" and goes into the house to snatch the wallets.

Philip talks his way out of Mel's questions.

Hahaha Victor and Maggie!!!
Victor: "You know you surprise me Maggie. I wouldn't think you'd have such an old fashioned view of marriage. It's 2010 just because she and I are husband and wife doesn't mean that Vivian and I are joined at the hip."
Maggie: "You got married this afternoon. You have yet to celebrate a day anniversary."
Victor: "I know, and it seems like we've been married for such a long long time."
Maggie: "Okay. I'm going to nip this in the bud."
Victor: "Nip what?"
Maggie: "I didn't think that you should marry her, but you did anyway. So I'm gonna respect your vows even if you don't. I don't want you dropping by here for tea and sympathy complaining about the old ball and chain."
Victor: "Were you this bossy with Mickey?"
Maggie: "I didn't have to be. He wasn't an idiot like you Victor. Go home. As they say, it's time to face the music." She thinks of something that makes her giggle and she covers her mouth. Very cute.
Victor: "What?"
Maggie: "I just had this mental picture of Vivian on her wedding night. Perched on the edge of the bed in her new peignoir. A ribbon at her throat..."
Victor: "I hate you."
Maggie: "scared, but oddly excited! A flower waiting to be plucked." Aw Maggie, did you have to go there? But it is funny.
Victor: "I really really hate you."
Maggie: (smiling) "By Victor. Send me a card from Niagara Falls."
Victor: "I'm glad you think this is funny, because it sure as hell isn't." and he closes the door as he leaves. They both really enjoyed that little exchange.

Okay, Avenger now has possession of the wallets again. Now Bo has found Ciara's backpack to be empty. Poor poor kid now he'll doubt her too. She has my permission to go all 'The Bad Seed'

Yay! The sale on 'The Cheatin' Heart' fell through and Adrian can't sell. Woohoo! That means she'll be around more. I hope. :D

Daniel and Carly decided that they are friends and Carly doesn't tell him.

Ciara is upset because her treasures are gone. Caroline gives her her grandmother's rosary as a consolation gift.

Avenger is dizzy she asks Dr Baker what he's still doing there as it's not the safest place to be. He says that she's still there so he's not going anywhere. Awww how chivalrous. :)

Holy cow!!!!! Chloe just told Daniel that she slept with Philip. I did NOT see that coming. Maybe she's daydreaming it? Because he's being awfully harsh and less sad and hurt than I would expect. He also just said 'Carly was right you not just a whack job..." Carly would never call her that. Yep! Daymare. :)

Vivian is ready for her honeymoon. She's all packed. Victor suggests separate vacations and rooms.

Ciara asks Bo if he knows what happened to her secret treasures. He doesn't and neither does she. Aw, so sad.

Chloe can't make the leap and help/plan to have Carly killed. Just then Carly calls Chloe ...

Dr Baker tells Avenger that he will always be on her side.

Carly says that she knows that Chloe didn't tell Daniel and that she knows that Chloe is scared. Chloe is freaked out and says that she was right and that Carly just wants to come between her and Daniel. Carly says, "That's crazy." and Chloe screams, "Don't say that!" and throws the phone.

Oooo. Victor just called Vivian on her honeymoon desire. He said, "If anything happens to Carly. Anything. It won't matter if you aren't here. You won't have to wait for 'till death do us part."

Bo calls Carly and can tell she's worried. She blows it off as worry for a patient and he tells her to call him later. While Bo is upstairs Ciara looks out the window and see Avenger and Dr Baker. He's standing behind her comforting her. This does not look good. :)

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