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Monday, June 7, 2010

Days: Monday, June 7, 2010

Aaaw, little Giovanni misses Rafe and won't take off his tiny FBI jacket.

Rafe and Shane are bored and locked in a cell. I missed Shane. I didn't realize that until now. Charles is awesome! :)

E.J. is apologizing to Arianna that she has to stay another night in jail. She jokes that at least it's an upgrade from 'Statesville' because she's got a single bed cell.

Lexi is at the hospital and comes upon Carly contemplating (yet again) telling Daniel.

Chloe calls Vivian's guy. He's got everything in place and tells her he'll text her when it's ready and she just has to get Carly on the the elevator then. Hmmm? She's very reluctant to to it.

Lexi offers to stay on shift for Carly so that Carly can take care of whatever she needs to do in person. She's still debating whether she should be the one to tell Daniel. Aaaaaaand Chloe is still debating whether she wants to go ahead with Vivian's plan. Lots of indecision going on here.

Oooo Arianna! At least we know what she wants. She wants out of jail and for Brady to have believed her. :D E.J. is apprehensive of having to trust Nicole to do the right thing. Arianna is giving reasons that Nicole won't back out, E.J. is giving reasons why she would. I can't like E.J. it goes against everything that I've felt about him so far. His being nice to Arianna is making that difficult. :D

Nicole is so manipulating Brady. That's nothing new. :)

Chloe is talking to the voices in her head. She decides for the moment to try and call off Vivian's guy.

Okay, Shane and Rafe are REALLY bored. Shane is musing that his very expensive watch (so expensive that it has a name I can't remember or pronounce) which the guards took was probably sold for 50 pesos.

E.J. is home Sydney has gotten so big! Giovanni is ignoring E.J. he's drawing a picture of the family. Sami tells him he'll have to add Will and Ali and he says, "And Rafe" Sami is unsure about that.

Carly decides not to go tell Daniel so she lets Lexi leave.

Chloe can't get through to Vivian's guy so she calls Vivian and starts to leave a voice mail. Chloe is about to bolt to stop Carly from getting on the elevator and when she opens the door she runs into Daniel.

Um the pillow case on Shane's bunk looks like it's sateen or some kind of shiny cotton. How'd they end up in a luxury jail for political prisoners? I don't think Rafe and Shane would be treated as nicely by the CIA here. lol

Sami is telling E.J. what a good guy he is when they hear Giovanni scream and they rush off to investigate.

Nicole is putting doubts into Brady's mind as to the date he wrote the check. Um, does he not have a duplicate checkbook? D.A.Woods overhears Nicole telling Brady "We can lie to the police." Good times. ::eyeroll:

Okay, Giovanni ran down the stairs and fell. Now he may have a concussion but he's okay. E.J. is consoling Sami.

Nicole tells D.A. Woods that he shouldn't have been listening in on a private conversation (at the Brady pub fyi) because it's a free country. He laughs and tells her that next time she's thinking about committing perjury to stay home and whisper. Ha! Love it!. He then tells Brady that what he heard is enough to taint the testimony and that now Arianna doesn't have an alibi. Nice work Nicole.

Daniel hears Carly's voice mail to call her. Chloe steps off the elevator at the hospital on her way to keep Carly from dying. She tells Carly that she has to talk to her right now.

D.A. Woods goes to see Arianna and tells her that her alibi is shot. Um, being a victim should he even bee allowed to see her (the suspect) in private, D.A. or not?

Carly leads Chloe to the lounge/waiting room (wow a private place to have a conversation in Salem?!?) and they continue the discussion from earlier. Carly says, "What happened? It sounded like you threw it (her cell phone) across the room." Heehee. :) 'Cause that's what happened. Then they continue Carly finally getting out "If you don't tell Daniel the truth before you get married then you'll regret it." Chloe pauses and seems to ponder this. Meanwhile Daniel is wondering why Carly isn't answering her phone. ....Oh no! Bad thought. What if Daniel is on the elevator heading to look for Carly when Vivian's guy does his thing? Hhhmmmm? Can't wait to see if that happens. Oh, Chloe didn't have a moment of clarity she's upset at Carly for trying to run her life. Chloe brings up the 'crazy' again. Carly is trying to say that that's not what she's saying. Chloe says, "What if I really am crazy you should be careful. Don't mess with the crazy woman." Carly says, "Are you threatening me? Don't! This conversation is over." Wow she's just lost the sympathy that she had for Chloe's plight. She walks away and Chloe follows her. She's getting ready to get on the elevator and Chloe stops her asking her to promise to not tell Daniel. Carly doesn't promise and Chloe goes back to contemplating letting Vivian's plan happen.

Shane and Rafe are fighting to create a distraction for the guards. Hehe.

Carly is trying to figure out why Chloe is thinking these things. Chloe says that Carly's done this before convinced people that someone is crazy to get them out of the way. Chloe gets the signal and lets Carly wait for the elevator.

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