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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Days: Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Okay. Rafe and Shane fighting and the guard comes to stop it and Rafe 'accidentally' punches him while 'aiming' for Shane.

Philip's guilt is causing him to have nightmares.

At the last minute Chloe has second thoughts and tries to pull Carly from the elevator.

Chloe gets stuck in the elevator and screams as lights flash and alarms sound. Daniel hears the scream and heads up the stairs.

Uh oh, Maggie's worried about Alice. :(

Victor and Vivian on at their hotel. He's on to her and knows that she's up to something. Cut to Chloe lying unconscious and bloody on the floor under the elevator. I guess she's in the basement?

Aw, Shane and Rafe are busted.

Daniel finds Chloe She's still out.

Vivian won't tell Victor what's up so he threatens her again that nothing better happen to Carly.

The guard that Rafe knocked out looks all dejected and sad. Hehehe.

Victor is reminding Vivian of their agreement regarding Carly. Vivian brings up Maggie and Victor goes to the bar to have a drink.

Lexi is going to work on Chloe with Carly assisting. Interesting turn of events :)

Mel just got a call from Daniel about Chloe.

Rafe is returned to the cell after receiving his 'punishment'. They bring Shane back in too. So their plan all along was to get caught so that they could get information? Soooo confused.

Brady explains what happened with D.A. Woods and the check. She apologizes for doubting him. He decides to come clean and tell her about being with Nicole when Gabi found him.

Vivian is calling the hospital to check up on Carly and finds out that Chloe was the one in the elevator. Carly's in scrubs!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) She just told Mel and Philip that she was supposed to be in the elevator and that Chloe saved her life.

Sami and E.J. kissing. Rafe needs to stay far away from her when he comes back. She doesn't deserve him.

Oooooooo. Carly is telling Mel and Philip what happened. That she and Chloe were arguing and that she was on the elevator when Chloe stopped her and that they had a struggle and then Chloe ended up in the elevator and then it fell. Mel says, "Wait a minute. Why was Chloe here so late? What were you two arguing about?" Keep in mind that Carly has only been telling Mel that she thinks Chloe and Daniel should get married and that Chloe makes Daniel happy. Mel has no idea that Carly has any doubts whatsoever about Chloe.

Daniel is sitting by Chloe's bed holding her hand. He still has (very reddish pink) blood on his hand. Um, someone should have made him clean up or at least the blood should be the color of dried blood, not Calliope's lipstick. :D Chloe is coming too and says, "Daniel? I'm sorry."

Rafe and Shane's recon mission yielded info on where the guard towers are. Woo!

Sami stops the E.J. kiss. I think she regrets it. Heehee.

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