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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Days: Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Julie walks into Maggie's all sad. There hasn't been a change with Alice, Maggie says, "Poor Alice." Just as Hope walks in. "What's wrong with Gran?"

Maddie!!!!! She just bought out Cheatin' Heart for the night for Chad to have a party. She asks who's coming and Will pops up. Of course he's coming. :) Maddie doesn't look to thrilled about that.

Bo is on the phone with Carly. He says that the building inspector check out that elevator a few weeks ago. She says that Chloe saved her life and almost lost her own. She sees Mel come in and let's Bo go.
Mel says, "Are you going to tell me what you didn't tell me last night? Why you were fighting."
Carly: "We were arguing about your father."
Mel: "What did you say to her?"

Cut to Daniel and Chloe. She's still out, he's still holding her hand (his hand has been cleaned of blood by the way). She halfway opens her eyes and says that she ruined everything. I'm not really worried that she's going to spill the secret, but I could be wrong she could tell everything.

Mel: "Did you tell Chloe that I was upset about her and Daniel getting married?"
Carly: "I'm pretty sure she knows that."
Mel: "Then what was the argument about? Come on, you're keeping something from me and I don't like it." Philip walks in and hears that (from a distance) and he gets that pondering squint. He's wondering if Carly knows, what he thinks she knows. :)
Daniel needs to shut up for once and let Chloe talk.

Abe and Theo stop by to pick Ciara up for school. Bo finds her homework "underneath the divorce papers". Bo reminds him that Hope was the one that pushed for it.

Maggie and Julie are telling Hope about Alice. Maggie is falling apart and Hope is in shock. So very very sad for all of the DoOL cast and crew.

Chad tells Maddie that he doesn't care that Will lives in Stefano's house and gets up and walks away. She looks oddly proud and angry at his disobedience at the same time.

Stefano is ranting to Kate about Maddie. "She has two names, what her husband's isn't good enough?" Kate: "have you met him?" ::laughing:: Stefano tells Kate that Maddie threatened to release the tap unless he does what she wants. He says, "You don't threaten me and get away with it." Kate looks like she might suggest that he do just that and no risk the tape being released. Really! What is on this tape? I'm still holding out for some Kate and Maddie relationship history they've just got that vibe when they talk about or around each other.

Maggie and Alice flashback. Aawwww.

Ciara tells Theo that the man that she saw her mommy hugging wasn't her dad and he took the treasures from her backpack and she doesn't have them anymore. She tells Theo that she can't tell her dad because he doesn't believe her. Bo walks in on that part.

Daniel asks Chloe to tell him what happened with the elevator.

Carly tells Mel that the accident changed her perspective any problems Chloe and Daniel are having should stay with them and she walks off. Philip snaps at Mel who then follows after Carly.

Kate says that if the tape is released then the person that's going to be hurt is Maddie. Kate wants to find out what's making Maddie so unhappy and why she's willing to take that big of a risk.

Ti tells Will that Chad's mom is hot. Will thinks there is something about Maddie that no one know, not even Chad. Of course Chad hears that.

Maggie calls Nathan to tell him that Alice isn't doing well and that Julie thinks she's given up. Maggie is hoping that Alice will respond to Nathan and get better.

Ciara tells Bo that she was telling Theo that her treasures got stolen . Bo sends the kids out and he and Abe try to figure out what the secret treasure talk is. Abe tells Bo that Lexi thinks that Hope is regretting asking for the divorce.

Will brings up the picture of Maddie and Kate. Chad and Will seem very sad when Chad says, "If they were old friends, it's over now."

Kate is trying to talk Stefano out of stealing the tape from Maddie.

Hope has to run and tell Bo that Alice isn't doing well. Julie says, "Why are she and Bo apart? Why is that? She's obviously in love with him." Well Julie let me answer that for you. Bo has Carly back now, and Lawrence isn't around to mess with her head and keep them apart. Carly is a more attentive and nurturing parent and is one of the strongest 'damsels in distress' that Bo has ever encountered. So even if Hope sincerely wanted to be with Bo and wasn't secretly and subconsciously plotting very bad things for him to make him pay, then she could still not compete with the awesomeness that is Carly. Carry on with your mope fest now. :)

Philip asks Carly if there is something that he needs to know since Mel is not okay with Daniel and Chloe getting married. She says, that Mel needs to back off so no there isn't anything that he needs to know.

Julie is talking about Alice being more of a mother to her than a grandmother. Awesome flashback to a very young Susan Seaforth Hayes and Frances Reid. Wow!

Carly sends Daniel out of the room so she can talk to Chloe. She's not going to tell Daniel but she's going to keep telling Chloe to tell Daniel.

Nathan shows up at Maggie's he says that he sat by Alice's bed and held her hand and she opened her eyes once and said, "Oh Tom, you're here." Maggie is not okay with that. :( It's very sad to bring up McDonald Carey too. Everyone needs ::HUGS:: today.

Bo is haviing an Alice flashback about him and getting together with Hope. Hope walks in upset and goes straight for his arms and falls apart.

Maddie leaves the party to go back to work. Jessica is looking radiant today! I don't know if it's the sweater or what, but it's something.

Stefano plans to have Kate go into the bank pretend to be Maddie and say that she lost the key to her safe deposit box so that they can get the tape.

Chloe just told Philip that his mother-in-law knows about the cheating.

Hope finally gets out that Alice is dying and Bo is clearly upset.

Carly walks in to find Bo hugging and consoling Hope.

Chloe tells Philip that Carly doesn't know it was him. He tells her that she has got to keep it quiet. Daniel walks in and says, "Keep what quiet?"

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