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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Days: Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jennifer Horton!!!!! She looks the same just like Crystal said in Dallas! :)

Carly apologizes for interrupting the Bo and Hope hug. She says it so sincerely you can tell she's stunned and a little hurt maybe, but she's also very concerned that Hope is crying and she and Bo seem upset. Seriously she could have gone off all indignant, but he's not she's an adult and is soooo much better for Bo than Hope is.

Can I just say that Philip is an A-1 jerk for letting Chloe take on all the guilt.

Bo tells Carly that Alice isn't doing well and she says that's she's so sorry and looks to Hope. She says she should go back to the hospital then and leaves Bo and Hope alone. He eyes the divorce papers and looks like he's contemplating not telling her since it's been a bad day.

Carly runs into Jen on the Docks!!!!!!!!! They were getting ready to call each other. Aaawwww I missed them! Yay!

Adrian sees Philip coming out of Daniel and Chloe's apartment. Hehehe. Ooops. I bet he doesn't come up with a very convincing lie. Oh, wow. He told the truth. That works out soooo much better don't you think.

Jen says that she knows what happened with Lawrence and apologizes. Carly says that she's happy to be back in Salem and that Mel and Bo are her life. Jen says that Melanie is lucky to have Carly for a mother. (I agree!) Carly says that she's going to do her damnedest to make sure that Mel doesn't make the same mistakes Carly did.

Mel tells Nathan that Stephanie stopped taking her birth control pills. He tells her that it's none of her business.

Jen is at Bo and Carly's and gives hugs to Hope and Bo. Bo mentions calling Shawn D. I agree! Call Shawn D. I think he needs to come home and see Carly. :D

Arianna has sooooo got Nicole's number. She knows that she's manipulating anything she can regarding Brady.

Aw, Bo and his mom remembering another Alice memory. He's so young and very very bearded. :D

Jennifer gets a call from Jack and sees the divorce papers while she's writing down a phone number. She seems shocked to find the papers. I'm not sure why since she knows about Bo and Carly.

E.J. tells Nicole that he agrees with everything that Arianna said to and about her. He knows that she's only doing things to get Brady back. Nicole says that Brady was just as responsible for Arianna's alibi being unusable as she is. Oh, but you were the one who made sure that you were near D.A. Woods so that he would hear. E.J. is convinced that Nicole had something to do with all of the muggings. Too funny that her framing Arianna is drawing suspicion about her having done all of the attacks.

Daniel calls Mel to the hospital because he's getting married.

Hope comes back downstairs and sees Jennifer with the divorce papers.

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