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Friday, June 11, 2010

Days: Friday, June 11, 2010

Hope is shocked by the divorce papers.

Brady is doing what he can to try and help get Arianna out of jail. Victor says he's there to help. Huh? This is new. :)

Mel is visiting Arianna. E.J. is 'reminding Nicole of his presence'. He has things to say to Nicole. I'm guessing they probably aren't 'You go girl!'. :D

Mel tells Arianna that she's going to make tons of money off a wrongful arrest suit. Arianna tells her that there was evidence. Mel says that she's got an alibi, that they were at the movies ::whispers:: 'I just need to know the date.' Aawww. Arianna tells her not to lie.

E.J. is needling Nicole. It should be fun, but I'm bored with it already.

Maggie tells Bo to be gentle with Hope and put her first. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put Carly first.

I'm really not okay with Jennifer being all rooting for Hope. She's Carly's friend too.

Victor tells Brady that he'll always have family behind him and that he doesn't have to face things alone. Brady asks if he's going to help clear Arianna. Victor says he's going to help him face facts.

Arianna tells Mel that she was the one who ended it with Brady. Mel is confused and Arianna explains why she broke it off.

Hope asks Jen not to tell anyone about the divorce and that they should concentrate on Alice.

Victor is talking about love and says that there are times when he thinks about what Isabella would do or what she would want him to do. Aawwwww.

Dr Baker is at the poker room. He's got his cash buy in. I think he's going down. There is no way he can win an honest game.

Nicole tells E.J. that he loves the real her and thinks that he might still and tells him that he was never as happy as when it was her, him and Sydney.

Arianna is working things out in her head. She's catching on to Nicole. Mel is right with her.

Oh, the Horton house. So sad. ::sniff:: Hope is having a flashback of Alice talking to her about Bo, and Bo comes into the living room. He tells her he didn't mean for her to find out about the papers that way.

Maggie, Maureen and Jennifer have an Alice flashback of Maureen talking to Alice about coping with the miscarriage.

Mel says that the next part, the hard part of the plan (after taking out Nicole) is convincing Arianna that Brady is in love with her.

Maggie, Maureen and Jen have a casserole to take over to Alice's house.

Ooo. Bo sees Hope's pills. She says that they help her sleep but she doesn't need them anymore. He says that if there's anything he can do to let him know.

Poker Guy recognizes Brady's money clip. Brady asks where he's seen it before and he says he doesn't remember. Ha. Dr Baker is where he's seen it before.

E.J. tells Arianna that he's going to remember who the man was at his attack and then he'll be able to link the attacks to Nicole.

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