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Monday, June 14, 2010

Days: Monday, June 14, 2010

Mel got flowers for Chloe for the wedding. That's sweet. She's so like her mom. :)

Chloe is wearing a white hoodie sweatshirt instead of or over her hospital gown. :) She tells Carly to stop threatening her and to just let her one little mistake go.

Poker Guy tells Brady the money clip he saw was at a back room poker game. Brady asks who had it.

Rafe and Shane are planning escape using the swiped intel and schematics.

Dr Baker and Nicole are doing the back and forth blame game in the open on the docks fairly loudly citing what parts they played in setting up Arianna. These are the brilliant criminal masterminds people! Ha!

Mel got Daniel a wedding present it's a necklace with a medallion of the patron saint of marriage. Daniel tells her that she tries to hide it but that she's a very sweet girl. She says that she just knows that he said he didn't know if he would make it if he lost the love of his life again and that it was her way of saying that she hopes that no one takes Chloe from him. Such a sweet sweet scene! Shawn and Molly are perfect here!

Chloe tells Carly she's a hypocrite for lying to Daniel for 20 years and then trying to force Chloe to tell him about her "one mistake".

Mel tells Daniel that she thinks she may have freaked out about Chloe because she just found him and didn't want to share him.

Carly tells Chloe that she's not trying to be evil and that Chloe's in the hospital because she saved her life. Chloe has a flash of guilt knowing that Carly's life wouldn't have been in danger in the first place if it weren't for her and says that Carly saved her life in the O.R. so they're even. Carly suggests that Chloe postpone the wedding until she's out of the hospital in order to give herself time to think. Carly says that she knows and can see how much Daniel loves Chloe. Chloe asks if she can see how much she loves him, that she made the mistake because she thought that she'd lost Daniel to Carly. Carly says that she'll never understand how Chloe got that impression. Then she gets all soft voiced and compassionate, and says "Tell him. It'll be okay." Then she gives her this (I wish I could make this easier for you) look and gets up and leaves the room. Seriously with concern like that how can anyone in Salem NOT be head-over-heels a fan of Carly? Vivian comes in right after Carly leaves and asks Chloe what happened. Vivian tries to make it sound like Chloe is talking crazy about 'a little plan'.

The guards have come to 'kill' Shane. Rafe is all protective, "why do you want to kill him?" Ha. This is the funniest political prisoner jail that I've ever seen. "We want to interrogate him, and if he's uncooperative the he's as good as dead." Rafe: "Look at this guy. He's very cooperative." Ha!

Vivian thinks that she's clever for figuring out that Nicole is still in love with Brady. Um, Viv babe, the entire TOWN knows that. :)

Brady shows up at the 'floating' poker game that's always in the same room." Dr Baker shows up right after him but hasn't gone in yet.

A guard shows up to let Rafe out. Hmmm. I smell a rat.

Philip shows up in Chloe's room early for the wedding. Chloe contemplates telling Daniel once again. Philip jumps in with the 'no no no no no no no'. Okay, bored now, again.

Dr Baker recognizes Brady and doesn't go into the game. Surprised? Nah, me neither.

Daniel, Mel and Father Walton (Father Matt) show up at Chloe's room.

Stefano checks in with one of his men who has a man on the inside as one of Rafe and Shane's guards. I'm guessing it's the guy pretending to be sent by the bureau who now is ready to strangle Rafe.

Dr Baker has Brady's drink drugged by one of the guys at the poker game. Sami is talking to dream Rafe and he's telling her that there is no more 'them' while she's clinging to hope.

Rafe was actually out of it enough to believe the fake guard and let his guard down enough to be surprised from behind.

Chloe and Daniel are about to have the ceremony. Mel gives her the flowers and it's cute, then Father Walton attempts to begin the service when Carly walks in. She doesn't say anything, but Chloe looks at her and tells the room that they can't get married.

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