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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Days: Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dr Baker watches Brady take a sip of his drugged drink.

E.J. knows that Stefano is meddling with Rafe and Anna. He's on the phone with him now. Grrrr.

Ooo, Anna wakes up.

Repeat scene of Chloe telling Father Walton that they can't get married.

Sami is reading an article about Arianna and says that she knows Rafe doesn't want anything to do with her, but that Ari is his sister and she needs help. The living room at the Dimera mansion is completely littered with brightly colored (I'm assuming foam) blocks that are supposed to be Sydney's and Giovanni's however there are a few of them on the top of the piano. Neither of the kids would have put them up there unless E.J. sets Sydney up there while he plays or something. :) Does E.J. play the piano? Hhhmmm?

Rafe struggles with the assassin guard and gets knocked out.

Anna struggles to get out of bed. After all the time she's been in the hospital he toes are still perfectly manicured. :D

Brady is feeling the effects of whatever drugs they put in his drink. One of the poker guys (the one getting paid for the day :D ) asks him if he's got some kind of problem. Brady says, He's got to go and leaves.

Sami just got a call from Lucas about Alice. She is distracted and falling apart and E.J. is being level headed and takes her to see Alice.

Chloe asks to speak to Daniel alone. Carly takes everyone outside. Mel asks Philip and Carly if they have any idea what just happened. Cut to Daniel and Chloe he asks her the same question. She tells him that he'll understand once she explains it all.

Anna is dressed and ready to go (if she weren't so dizzy) but jumps back into bed and covers up when she hears someone coming. I'm thinking it's Dr Carlos. :D

Rafe fakes out the guard and sucker punches him to gain the upper hand and then knows him out.

Philip says that he doesn't know why Mel thinks Carly knows something about Chloe. Mel points out Chloe's 180 to cancel the wedding. Carly says that she's just concerned for her patient and that they should go somewhere private to talk. Philip says, "No!" and Mel says, "What's up with you lately?"

Father Matt goes back into Chloe's room and she asks to have confession and receive absolution before she and Daniel start their new life together.

Brady wanders to the docks and passes out while Dr Baker watches.

We don't see who it was in Anna's room. They leave and she starts to get out of bed again.

The second guard brings Shane back and, seeing his the other guy out cold, holds a gun on Rafe.

Rafe takes out the other guard while he's distracted trying to find out who fake Bureau guy is. Shane and Rafe walk out of the cell and make funny small talk before leaving.

Mel and Carly are at the Pub. Mel wants to know why they had to come all the way there to talk. Carly says that she didn't want to talk in the first place but that she knew Mel wouldn't drop it. Heehee. Mel asks Carly if she thinks that Chloe will hurt Daniel. Carly says that she knows how much Daniel loves her and that Chloe has to potential to hurt him being the kind of person that she is. Mel, very much her mother's child, asks "What kind of person is Chloe?"

Dr Baker pours a bit of scotch in Brady's mouth while he's passed out. So that if he does remember what happened that no one will believe him.

Jen asks Sami about the kids. Sami mentions that Ali is living with Lucas in Asia. But wasn't she only supposed to be there for 2 weeks? I'm so confused. Sami then tells Jen about Rafe.

Daniel tells Nathan that he and Chloe are getting married today. Nathan is unsure. Philip remembers the phone conversation he had with Chloe about Nathan knowing.

Chloe asks Father Matt to talk to Carly and tell her that what she's doing is wrong and will ruin several lives. He tells her that she knows he can't do that.

Carly is checking in with the nurses station just like she promised Philip that she'd do so that they don't miss the wedding. She tells Mel that Father Matt is still in with Chloe. Carly says that she wishes Daniel wasn't rushing it. Mel says that sometimes rushing is a good thing. She says that she still had feelings for someone else when she married Philip and that after the wedding things have been great.. Carly looks contemplative at this news.

Father Matt agrees with Carly that Chloe needs to tell Daniel, and that Philip needs to be honest with Melanie. He reminds her that marriage is a sacrament that cannot be based on a lie. He leaves the room and when Daniel asks he says that he can't perform the wedding.

Sami has an Alice flashback. Aawww a very young Alison Sweeney. That's when Sami was evil. Hehehehe. :)

Jen's parents! :) Bill Horton and Laura Spencer. (Not THAT Laura Spencer. :) )

Carly is very nervous. She's playing with her phone. She tells Mel that she hopes that she knows that she can rely on her. Mel: "Kind of like a mom?" Carly: "Kind of like a mom." Aaawwww!!!!!!

Sami tells E.J. that she wants to stay at the mansion even though her apartment is now fixed.

Rafe makes it back to Anna's room only to find it empty.

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