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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Days: Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daniel asks Chloe why Father Matt said that he can't marry them. She doesn't tell him, she's rambling.

Bo is on the phone when Carly gets home. Carly wants to go with Bo to see Mrs H.

Maddie and Chad! She wants to talk to him about the Dimera family.

Stefano has the papers for Kate to sign. She's trying to tell him that she just talked to Lucas, but when Stefano doesn't ask about Lucas Kate starts to get upset. She tells Stefano that Lucas is upset because of Alice. Stefano tells her that he knows that Alice isn't doing well. Kate is more upset that he knew and didn't say anything, "What is the matter with you?!?" Love it! Kate needs Maddie to comfort her. :D What? Hehehehe.

Oh man. Chloe is telling Daniel that something she said to Father Matt caused a problem with the validity of her annulment to Lucas. Ha! She says that Father Matt needs to research it some more and that's why he refuses to marry them. She says that she wishes she hadn't brought it up and he asks what she brought up.

Nicole finds Brady and wakes him up. She tells him that he's in a drunken stupor. They soooo need to do a blood alcohol test on him, like NOW.

Carly starts second guessing herself and says that it's selfish of her to want to be there for Bo since it's Hope's family and she's be intruding. He says that know it's not selfish that Alice knew him better than he knows himself and that she never judged him even about his feelings for Carly. Aawwww! She kisses him and hugs him. He's very upset about Alice. I would like to take a moment here to point out something. When Hope told Bo about Alice she was all sad and crying, but she was sad for herself. She was crying out her own pain and didn't give a second thought to how Bo was hurting too. Carly on the other hand it so concerned about Bo that she's trying to contemplate what he might need even if it makes her have to hold back. Yes I know that Hope has a more personal connection to Alice and so she's bound to be more upset than Carly, but Carly is attentive to Bo in a way that Hope never really has been.

Victor walks into the Pub and see Maggie. He goes up to her and takes her hands and says that he heard about Alice. Caroline sees the hand holding. She's not happy. Is she still in love with Victor? She's awfully jealous of people in his life and seems possessive of how he should runs it at times.

Stefano says that he was protecting Kate from humiliation of being thrown out if she'd gone to see Alice. Kate says, "If I was phased by everyone who hates me, I wouldn't even getup in the morning." they argue a bit he tries to defend himself. she says, "How dare you decide what's important to me." Her voice is calm and assured. She's pissed. Excellent scene!

Nicole tries to take Brady home to 'sleep it off' when a cop sees them and asks if everything is all right.

Bill is alone in Alice's living room and the doorbell rings. He answers it and find Kate with flowers. Kate is stunned and looks smitten. :)

Chad is bored with Maddie's disdain for the Dimeras. They move into a discussion of Mia and Grace. Maddie can see how hurt Chad still is.

Daniel offers to get a former patient who is a justice of the peace to marry himself and Chloe today. This is after she's reiterated to him how special Father Matt is to her and that she can't get married without him. She shouts at him to stop and he does.

Carly has to leave. Bo asks if she's concerned about a patient and she says yes, not physically but that she's worried that she won't do what's right for her family. She reaches out to Bo's cheek and he takes her hand. She says that she'll be back later and they can go see Alice together.

Caroline gives Maggie her order on the house. When Victor asks for a coffee she says they're closed.

Bill has pretty eyes. He says that they share a son that they'll always be in each other's lives.

The officer tries to arrest Brady for public intoxication and Brady resists then passes out again.

Kate says that Bill left her alone for years with Lucas and he didn't know who his dad was. Bill says that Kate was alone because she wanted to be. He says that he's been thinking about the choices he made and wonders if he had stayed with her if they'd still be together and if they were would they be happy? They make a pretty pretty couple!

Love the blue chunk in the under-layer of Kate's hair! Bill asks her if she's proud of the woman she's become. She's all teary eyed and he reaches out to cup her cheek. Of course, then Laura walks in. Kate clearly didn't know that she was there.

They've got an IV hooked up to Brady but I'm guessing they didn't run any tests first. Smart peeps. Bo walks in and wants to know what happened. Wondering if he got called in by the cops or if he's there to see Carly and saw that Brady was there.

Carly waits until Daniel leaves then goes into Chloe's room. Girl is a glutton for punishment isn't she? First words out of Chloe's mouth are. "Bitch! You did this to me."

Kate asks if Bill and Laura are a couple again. He says that no they aren't. Laura says that it's 'family only'. Kate is very cordial and says that she brought flowers then kisses Bill on the cheek and leaves.

Victor says that he wishes Caroline could accept his marriage especially since he did it to protect Bo. She says that it doesn't make sense. He leaves the pub.

Bo read the police report and asks Nicole again what happened.

Chloe tells Carly that she hasn't told Daniel yet, but that she postponed the wedding.

Nicole tells Bo that she feels guilty because she was supposed to be Arianna's alibi and that fell through and now Brady went and got drunk. She says that now she realizes how much Brady loves Arianna.

Kate is home and walks past Stefano saying "I'll be upstairs." Stefano stops her and apologizes for not telling her about Alice. He says that if she's having second thoughts about pretending to be Madeline... she interrupts him saying, "I'm having second, I'm having third and and I'm having fourth." He suggests she spend time with Lucas and Ali when they get back. He says he'll find another way. She asks what. He says he's not sure, but he'll find an alternative. She asks if he'd really just let her back out? He says that she just doesn't get it, that he really cares for her and will spend his life taking care of her. She is very moved by that statement. Aaww Kate needs hugs!

Okay, is it just me or does Carly seem more like she's Chloe's mom than a friend. She's very nurturing toward her.

Kate tells Stefano that they should navigate the Madeline situation together, just like they're in the marriage together. Aaaww.

Bo is still at the hospital and leaves a message for Victor about Brady. Carly comes out of the hallway and sees him and walks straight to him without saying anything and throws her arms around him. She needed a hug so very badly.

Nicole is back in Brady's room. He wakes up, but doesn't remember what happened. Nicole says, "I'm gonna tell you everything." I bet she isn't. :)

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