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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Days: Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lexi calls Maggie to tell her that Brady's been admitted with drugs and alcohol in his system.

Nicole tells Brady that he fell off the wagon and she blames herself.

Stefano has a key to the safe deposit box that's under Madeline's name. Kate seems a little impressed.

Doug brings Julie soup that she's hardly touched. She breaks down. She's not ready for Alice to be gone.

E.J. tells Arianna that the judge is out sick so all of her cases have been pushed back. No arraignment today. Poor Arianna. :(

Nicole says that it's her fault for following him to Santa Domingo and they would have gotten married and then she wouldn't have taken her anger out on those men. Brady says that Arianna didn't do it, and that he didn't drink either. He says that he's knows it crazy but asks Nicole if she believes him.

Sami tells Will that she wants to stay at the mansion. Will sees through her.

Brady tells Nicole about the replica money clip and the poker guys and says that who ever has the money clip is probably the one who drugged him.

Maddie tells D.A.Woods that she thinks Chad wants to stay in Salem for one friend in particular. He thinks it's Mia. I think it's Gaby or Will. He and Chad are really close.

Mia runs into Gaby outside of the Pub and wants to talk to her. Gaby has better things to do.

Chad leaves the lunch but Maddie asks him to make sure he makes it for dinner because she has something special planned.

Kate says that she's going to change into her disguise at the office since there are too many prying eyes at the mansion. I'm guessing that Maddie is planning on going to get the tape to show Chad. I also am guessing that she runs into Kate-in-disguise there.

Oh, no. Maddie got Chad bonds that are in her safe deposit box.

Kate is at the bank. She looks very uncomfortable in that blond wig! :)

Victor blames Arianna for Brady being in the hospital. Maggie gives Victor a stern talking down and explains that he can't act like he normally would.

There is a lot of stuff in Maddie's safe deposit box!

Brady tells Maggie and Victor that he knows for certain that he didn't drink or use anything. Maggie figures that whoever did this, the real mugger, knew that Brady had a substance abuse problem and had no problems using it against him.

The real Maddie is at the bank. Kate tosses every thing into her giant bag and sneaks out. The new on shift bank worker tells Maddie that she's already signed in. Maddie is stunned.

Lexi calls E.J. so he can tell Ari about Brady before Nicole does. Lexi said his blood alcohol level was through the roof. How is that? Did he absorb all of the scotch that Dr Baker poured over his body? Because he only got one small sip into Brady.

Nicole confronts Dr Baker about drugging Brady. He says that he had to because Brady was asking questions.

Maddie finds the safe deposit box empty. She is not happy.

Kate and Stefano find the tape, but forget to put everything back in the bag.

Arianna calls Brady. He says, "Believe me I did not use." she seems to doubt him asking how it happened and how he let it happen.

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