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Friday, June 18, 2010

Days: Friday, June 18, 2010

Kayla! Maggie falls apart in Melissa's arms. This is so hard for her so soon after losing Mickey.

Dr Baker did not know that Brady was an addict.

Arianna tells Brady that if he slipped it's okay. That he doesn't have to protect her. Now he knows how she felt with the not believing.

Daniel tells Mel that the wedding is postponed.

Father Matt comes to see Chloe and is not happy that she lied to Daniel again. He says that he won't be party to her piling one sin on top of another. She's afraid he'll tell Daniel that she slept with Philip.

The guard puts Ari back in her cell before she and Brady can work it out.

Nicole says that if Dr Baker puts Brady in danger again then she'll want his head on a platter.

Melissa has an Alice flashback. Awwww.

Stephanie and Kayla talking. Steph tells Kayla that she and Nathan are serious and have worked through many obstacles.

Brady is ready to leave the hospital even against doctor's orders. He needs to get to Arianna.

Mel and Daniel talking about why the wedding was postponed.

Father Matt has to leave for Chicago and will be gone for 2 weeks. Very convenient for Chloe. Father Matt tells her that she doesn't have a choice in the matter that she must tell Daniel the truth. Soooo question. Why are some people all outraged that Carly has been telling Chloe to tell the truth, but nobody bats an eyelash when Father Matt does?

Oh! Melissa and Maggie are about to get into it I think. Melissa is glad that Nathan is with Stephanie and says that 'that other girl' Melanie was trouble. Maggie does not look happy about that.

Daniel tells an apprehensive Mel that Nathan is not at the Horton house and is she wants to go check on Maggie that now might be a good time.

Daniel brings Maggie news about her illness. This doesn't look good. :(

Nicole goes in to see Chloe. After Chloe tells her about the elevator falling Nicole says that she's been so caught up in her own world that she's not watched the news or even called into the station. Chloe says, if you didn't know what happened then why are you here? Nicole tells her that she found Brady with drugs and alcohol in his system. She says that she believes him when he says that it was done to him. Chloe says, why unless you know something? Then asks Nicole what she knows. Chloe can be very perceptive sometimes.

Daniel actually brought Maggie some good news. The new meds they tried have put her Myasthenia Gravis back in remission.

Maggie tells Melanie the good news. She says that she wishes she could stay and help out. Maggie says that she is here, and Mel points out that she can't stay though. She says that she's like poison to that house.

Ari thinks that Brady isn't admitting that he was drinking because he doesn't want to blame her. He points out that she doesn't believe him and that it's not a split second flicker like he had. He said that this feels like a real end.

Maggie thinks that Mel is uncomfortable at the Horton's because she thinks they perfect. Maggie says that they aren't perfect and that if the were they shouldn't judge her.

Chloe just told Nicole that she slept with someone because she thought Daniel and Carly were having an affair. Nicole has a plan to get around Carly's insistence that Chloe tell Daniel. Nicole tells Chloe that she needs to get married now. She says that she'll take care of Carly.

Mel is leaving the Horton house and sees Nathan. / Ari wants to call Brady and apologize but she's out of phone calls for the day. / Nicole goes to check on Brady and he thanks her for believing in him. / Daniel goes back to Chloe's room. She tells him that they can call the J.O.P. that he knows or have the hospital chaplain do it and they can get married now. He calls her on the abrupt change and says. She says she wasn't thinking clearly because of the pain meds. He tells her that she's got a head injury and isn't allowed pain meds. He wants to know what's going on and wants to know now.

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