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Friday, June 18, 2010

Jessica Leccia as Inez on One Life To Live (June 18, 2010)

Jessica Leccia's first air date as Inez on One Life to Live was June 18, 2010!

Okay, I think I'm going to take a page from Jessica Leccia's book and be surprised. For these purposes here that means no research and I'm going to try and do this with just Inez's scenes. Even if I'm watching the whole show I think I'm just going to 'review' her scenes and use only the information obtained from Inez's actions and dialog.

Scene opens on an insert shot of the newspaper and a picture in a story under the headline about someone being cleared. Then the shot cuts to an 1/2 body shot of Inez closing the paper. She's got a critical but concerned look at first, then as she looks at the paper some more her look changes to more "oh boy, how are you going to fix this?" She runs her hand through her hair to compose herself, then turns and opens the door to the cafe. She sees the back of her son's head and looks down guiltily. She's not wanting to tell him what she's about to tell him.

She's hugging her son as the scene opens. He introduces her to his friend Danielle who says, 'It's nice to meet you Ms. Salinger." Inez says, "It's a pleasure to meet you." She really drew out 'pleasure' too. Inez seems happy to meet anyone that her son spends time with. She recognizes Dani from the musical that Nate was in and says, "Such a pretty girl." Aawww. She says that she's glad that Nate called her, but that she's been looking through the paper and has some possibilities. Then she invites Danielle to come to the house once Inez gets her new job. Nate says that he has a surprise for her.

He knows that his mom's been worrying about money. She cuts him off, "Yooouu are such a sweetheart, but ::glances to Dani:: we don't have to talk about that right now." She's not comfortable having someone outside of the family know that they're having problems. You can tell that she feels like she's letting down her son and not providing what 'a mother should'. He says that he knows she doesn't like to talk about money. She cuts him off again by addressing Dani, "Nate is very dramatic. That why he's such a good actor." She's got a fake smile on thinking that she's headed off the discussion now. Nate says that he saw the notice and that he knows the bank is going to take the house and her face changes. She's now got that expression that is almost anger born from humiliation, but only for a second before she composes herself again. Now she's got that slightly defensive, but very determined I-know-what-I'm-doing face, "Not if I get a job." "And I just know that :: she casts her eyes down for a second, she isn't as confident as she wants to seem then she look sback up at Nate with a weak but brave smile:: one of these folks is gonna hire me." With that smile though, you almost believe her. He says that that will take time and the bank wants the money now. She says, "You just have to have a little faith. All we need is a little miracle." Nate says he's got one and hands her a slip of paper. She looks at it. Turns it over, Looks at it again. (camera cuts to a bodyguard looking guy walking in the door in the background of Inez's profile shot) Inez looks back at Nate and gives him a disapproving look. The camera pans to Nate looking hopeful and proud then to Danie looking guilty and worried. Hmmm? What's up with that paper?

Inez looks confused and borderline angry mom, "I don't understand. What is this?" Nate: "It's a check mom." Boy she so should smack you for that sass. Inez however is still stunned. She immediately goes into mother mode whispering harshly "For 50... for... for 50 thousand dollars?!? You can't be serious. You're not serious?!?" Now her look changes to a bit incredulous but less angry mom. More like get-to-the-bottom-of-this mom, "Is this real?" He says it's real. She is back to protective mother mode. She's not concerned about Dani being at the table now. Heehee. She leans back rubs her finger over her top lip to calm herself a bit (so she doesn't smack him?) then she leans back in on the table and in the same way you'd ask a kid how they ended up with a pair of pants that still have the security dye pack on them, she says "Okay, where did you get money like this?" Now she remembers Dani and turns to her, "From you? I'm sorry, but we do not accept..." Dani cuts her off, it wasn't from her. Inez takes another deep breath, she closes her eyes then turns her attention back to Nate. Her voice now is unmistakable. Nate is in serious trouble if he gives the wrong answer. "Nathaniel Q Salinger. Look me in the eye and you tell me where you got this money." He says he'll tell her and asks her to promise not to get mad. Dude! She's already mad. That's the look she gives him too. Her face and body language say, I'm already so mad that I'm vibrating in anger. You will tell me where this money came from and do it now. You will not leave out one detail. She looks at him and lets him talk. He says that he won it in the lottery. She interrupts him and is more angry, "That's impossible!" He says it's a miracle. Inez is so very far from happy about this. "They do not sell lottery ticket to minors and they most certainly don't give them prize money. So you tell me. Where did you get this?" He says he'll tell her but she's not going to like it. What?!? Because she seems so amicable about it right now?

He says that he used a fake ID to buy the ticket and late to collect the prize money. He could stand seeing her cry over losing the house. She's all teary eyed now. She's still not happy about how he got the money, but at least she's sure it's legit now. "Oh sweetie. I appreciate it. I do. But what you did... is wrong."

She says that if she wasn't so grateful and if she didn't just love him to pieces that she'd tear up the check and forbid him from seeing another movie until he was finished with high school, but she is grateful and God knows hey need the money. He tells her to take it to the bank. She says that she's putting part of it aside for his college. He tries to stop her but she tells him to quit while he's ahead.

Inez hugs Nate goodbye and thanks him and Dani. As she's sitting back down in the booth that creepy bodyguard guy that walked in earlier is staring at her. Inez sits and opens the newspaper again to the article she was reading earlier. She's very interested in the details of the article. I mean she's really concentrating on making sure that she's reading everything. I wonder what she's looking for or what she sees.

Okay, that's the end of Jessica Leccia's first aired episode as Inez. Woo! Great job Jessie!
I can't wait to see what happens next with Inez!

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