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Monday, June 21, 2010

Days: Monday, June 21, 2010

Daniel is still confused by Chloe's on again off again wedding desires. Can't blame him, I'm getting whiplash and I know what's going on.

Nathan is Rude to Mel. Grrrr. >:(

Lucas and Ali show up at the Pub and meet Sami. Lucas is rude to Sami. Go figure.

Maddie is talking to herself on the docks. She's contemplating that Kate and Stefano are behind the empty safe deposit box. She's afraid that 'it will all be over' now. Not sure what will be over, maybe her career? But then why was she using it for leverage. No idea what's going on.

Kate and Stefano are ready to watch the tape. They're acting like it's movie night. Hehehehe.

The tape is (so far) a young Maddie and an older distinguished looking guy. Maybe a senator or something? Stefano says, "This is it. Everything that happened that night." So the question is what else happened that night? Heheheheheh.

Lucas has an Alice flashback of her giving him his Horton family ornament. Aw, I didn't know that Ali was named after Alice.

Mel is explaining to Nathan that she is only there to check on Maggie and then apologizes to him and starts to leave. He gets that he's being an ass and apologizes to her for his behavior and she comes back and they talk about Alice.

Chloe tells Daniel that her most recent turn around and fear that the wedding won't happen if they wait, is because of a dream she had last night. She's pleading with him to get married tonight. He says that now he thinks they should wait. Of course he is. He's probably thinking that if she's having any doubts then getting married out of panic is not the right step.

Bill tells Jen and Maggie and Laura that the Dr says that the end is near for Alice. Her breathing is becoming more labored. Much crying. Bill is hugging Jen and Laura is hugging Maggie. It's so so sweet.

Chloe freaks out as says that he nightmare is coming true. He tries to explain his thinking and she starts to get louder in her protesting. Yep. He tells her that it feels like a panic decision. She says that she doesn't care about anything except being married to him and they can have a proper wedding later. He says that everything she's saying doesn't sound like her. She keeps pleading and he gives in.

Stefano and Kate are watching the video. Kate says, "You're enjoying this aren't you?" Like she isn't! :D Kate and Stefano talk. Kate introduced Maddie to Stefano when Stefano needed Congressman Andrews' vote. Apparently Maddie was down on her luck so I'm guessing Stefano paid her to seduce and tape the congressman. On the tape the congressman stops when Maddie says his name. He figures out that they're being taped and shakes her asking where the camera is then pushes her away and she falls off the bed. They we see a hand picking up the lamp that's in front of the camera and we see it and the congressman flay across the room. Said congressman falling face down unconscious on the bed. Kate and Stefano continue watching. You can hear Kate and Stefano on the tape. Maddie checks Mr. Andrews' pulse and says that he's dead. Kate's voice says, 'Stefano, we killed him.'

Daniel wants Mel to be at the wedding even if they're getting married tonight on short notice. Chloe is concerned and asks if Mel doesn't pick up the phone if Daniel is still going to marry her. He laughs and says yes. Okay, they reason that Mel and Nathan were milling about and talking in the Horton's foyer is so that Mel was with Nathan when she found out that the wedding is happening now. Because Nathan agrees with Mel about not being supportive of the wedding.

Maddie calls Stefano to meet her at 'Pier 13' (the docks). He is leaving and Kate says, "Okay, I don't understand why you agreed to meet her." He says, "Leave Madeline to me." Kate looks a bit worried.

Nathan doesn't tell Mel what he knows but encourages her to tell Daniel if she has concerns about the wedding. Stephanie shows up and Mel bolts. Stephanie annoys me. Nathan however is smitten he has gotten them hot air balloon ride tickets.

Sami and Lucas show up in Alice's kitchen and everyone says hello and Bill is great with Ali.

Maddie tells Stefano that he's an idiot if he thinks that she didn't make copies. She demands the rest of the contents of the safe deposit box. He says that she's in not position to demand anything from him. That he's holding all the cards and her blackmailing days are over. She seems like she needs to regroup, but not that she's intimidated really.

Mel shows up to the hospital while Daniel is leaving a message for the J.O.P. that he knows.

Kate calls Lucas she wants to have dinner he's not sure that's going to work out. Kate is sad.

Stefano gave Maddie enough money to fund her law schooling. He says that she sawed her gratitude by trying to blackmail him with the tape. He wonders what else she thought he meant. Meanwhile, Kate is rummaging through the other contents of the box. Chad has a STACK of bonds. Wow! That's some bribe. I'd go to ... wherever it is that his parents are pushing him to go, if they gave me that much in bonds. :D

Mel tells Daniel that she can't shake the feeling that Chloe is just jerking him around. I LOVE that her apprehension is coming from a pure place. She doesn't know any of the things that the others know. It's sweet and honest. She's just sincerely concerned for her father. He says that Chloe makes him happy and he wants to make her happy. This causes him to think of something and he says he'll be right back.

Maddie says that there is nothing else. Stefano doesn't let it drop. She wants her things back from the box minus the tape and then they can call it square.

Chloe is leaving a message for Nicole about it not being a problem if Carly tells Daniel about her sleeping with another man because once they're married everything will be fine. Of course Mel has just entered her room and clears her throat. She wants to know what kind of games Chloe is playing. Seems she didn't hear the part about sleeping with another man.

Kate has just found out what was in that stray envelope in Maddie's box. What ever it is Kate's reaction was a whispered, "Oh my God.."

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