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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Days: Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Okay in the re-shot scene It's clear that Melanie comes into the room after Chloe mentions that she slept with another man, then her closing the door and clearing her throat is actually what prompts Chloe to end the call to Nicole.

Jen is working on a scrapbook that she started a long time ago for Alice. She's worried she won't finish it in time. Ali is going to help her.

Stefano tells Maddie that she can have back everything that's hers. He says that he'll return everything untouched and unread she has his word. However Kate is reading a document that was in the envelope even as Maddie and Stefano speak.

Mike is delayed in Boston. Laura thinks that Alice is holding on just for Mike.

Jen is going to make something (doughnuts?) from Alice's special recipe. One that Alice never shared with Marie or Bill. She gives everyone a job including Ali who is charged with stirring in the love. Aawww. :) I love how they're including her.

Ha! Chloe tries to blame her indecision on her meds again. Mel says, "You're on antibiotics and maybe some aspirin. I don't think that's messing with your head." Yay Mel! :) Chloe brings up having doubts on your wedding day and pointedly asks Mel if she remembers. Now Chloe has gone from whining and hand wringing to manipulative with this situation.

Stefano tells Maddie that he has no interest in her family's affairs. She says, yes, they are very boring. Then I didn't catch the rest because when Stefano turned around it struck me just how amazing and handsome Joseph is looking lately. I never have thought Stefano to be charismatic, but in that shot it is very clear that he is indeed. Or the lighting for that scene was really really good. :D

Philip gets the message about the wedding. His phone was off earlier.

Mel asks Chloe is it's weird that Philip her old high school boyfriend is going to be her step-son-in-law. Chloe tells Mel that she's glad that she and Daniel found each other. Chloe tells her that she had a pretty bad foster family that even sent her back because she was too much trouble. So she says she would never stand in the way of their relationship. Mel visibly relaxes and says that she's so glad to hear that. She gives Chloe her necklace so she'll have something old and borrowed the new and blue being the flowers in a blue vase. Mel adds, "If you hurt him I will treat you like gum on the bottom of my shoe and I hate violence, so giiirl don't make me crush you." Chloe looks appropriately terrified. Mel is so her mother's daughter! :)

Chad and Mia walk into Maggie's as Maggie and Melissa are leaving. Chad tells Mia that he's not going to Wake Forrest, that he's staying in Salem. Mia is happy and kisses him.

Marie, Bill, Jen, Will and Laura are reminiscing.

Philip gets to the hospital and Mel tells him that he's not late that they are still waiting for the J.O.P. Daniel notices that Mel's necklace is missing and asks her about it. She lets him know that she loaned it to Chloe as her something borrowed. Daniel is so very proud of her and they hug. The J.O.P. is there and asks if they're ready. Daniel says that he has to do one more thing and asks Chloe if she's sure. She takes it as doubt and asks him if he's sure. She asks if he doesn't want to marry her. ... mid point commercial ...

Jen and Melissa looking through pictures. Jen has an Alice flashback. Aawww. I forgot she was a candy striper. :)

Chloe asks for a moment alone with Daniel. Mel and Philip and the J.O.P. leave the room.

She makes him promise that she's marrying her because he loves her not because he's afraid it will fall apart if it doesn't happen. Which is exactly what she's doing. He says he is doing it because he loves her.

Stefano is back home and tells Kate that they're done with Maddie. He tells her to pack up the other stuff and mail it to Maddie.

Dude! Lucas is using Alice guilt on Will to get him to move out of the mansion. Oh, Nathan says that Alice gave him Tom's medicine bag. Will tells Bill that he should have it. Bill says, "You want to go against the wishes of Alice Horton?!?" Hehehe. Cute. :)

Mel asks Philip if he wants to place odds on whether or not Chloe goes through with the wedding. Daniel pops out and says that they're ready.

Kate plays off her jumpiness as being upset about Alice and about not being able to see her son. Stefano doesn't look convinced but lets it drop.

Maddie goes to see Mia.

Carly goes to check on Chloe and asks Maxine for her chart. Maxine tells her that she might want to wait since Chloe is getting married as they speak.

Maxine comes in to call away the J.O.P. in the middle of the 'wedding'. Chloe is upset, they're 'halfway married' she pouts.

Will tells Stefano that he doesn't want to worry Alice and that maybe he should move out.

Kate is at the Pub and sees all of the Hortons through the window. Lucas comes out to talk to her. He invites Kate in but she says that she doesn't want to do that to Laura.

The scrapbook is done and Jen thanks Ali for all her help. Mike calls. He's in town.

Chloe is getting antsy that Kevin isn't back yet. When the door opens Daniel thinks that he's come back, but it's Carly. Philip is all "deja vu all over again" and Carly says, "Except this time I'm going to say what I came here to say."

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