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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Days: Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kayla shows up at Bo's. She says that she wishes it were under better circumstances. Kayla brought Kim with her. Yay! :)

Shane and Rafe are on a plane. They ended up on the same plane by separate paths and aren't actually 'traveling together.' Hehehe.

Carrie and Roman in the Pub. Carrie says that she's worried that Anna might do something crazy.

Hope is falling apart and asks who she will turn to now that Alice is gone. Doug says, how about me? Hope goes to hug her dad.

Maggie is bustling about. Bill tells her to take care of herself.

Salem character commercial spot. "Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters" In case you're interested. This time they had the little actress playing Ali do the commercial.

Kate and Lucas, Kate is wearing purple and her blue streak is very in focus today. Lucas is sad, Kate is missing Alice too. It's very sweet.

Jen is on the phone with the funeral place. Alice sat down and planned it after Mickey died. They won't have to do anything. Another Julie/Alice flashback. :)

Rafe asks Shane if he's going back to the ISA or if the fact that they let him rot in jail for a year soured him. Shane says he needs to make sure his family is okay before he does anything else.

Kim is telling Kayla and Bo that she hasn't heard from Shane. Heehee. She's going to be soooooo surprised. :)

Lucas and Kate are talking about Ali living with him and traveling the world. Lucas doesn't think Sami will go for it. Kate says that she was happy when Lucas took Ali with him because she feels like Ali is getting lost in the shuffle. I love a nurturing Kate. :)

Sami tells Carrie about Rafe and how she drove him away.

Maggie doesn't like being handled. She says that Marie showed up with a ham, then took the trash out and possibly washed her car. Bill says that she was a nun that's what they do. Maggie counters with Laura showing up asking if she needs a ride to the church. Maggie doesn't want to be treated as feeble. She says that she was lost after Mickey died but that she's found herself and she's fine. He asks if she's fine then why didn't she tell anyone that her Myasthenia Gravis came back.

Doug is talking to Hope like Alice thought she and Bo would get back together. Gggrrrrrr!!! >:( Hope isn't the same Hope. She's changed. Bo needs to be with Carly.

Lucas tells Will that he's thinking about running his business from Hong Kong meaning that he'd be away from Will for a longer time. Will is not happy. Of course he's not. He hates not having his dad nearby.

Kim is ranting about Shane being reckless (just like old times) when Roman walks in. Kayla and Kim are stunned.

Bill says that Alice asked him to look after Maggie because she was worried about her. Mickey asked Bill to do the same thing.

Abe shows up at the Horton's. Flashback of Abe arresting Alice. :)

Hope has an Alice flashback. Very 80's Hope shoulder pads big hair and everything.

Will is telling Lucas that he doesn't want to "leave mom and Johnny and Ali and Sydney." Kate clears her throat. "And Grandma. How could I leave Grandma?" He's so deadpan it's funny! Cute scene.

Shane asks Rafe if he's talked to Sami yet. Rafe hasn't so Shane says, "So no on has told you yet? Alice Horton died." How did Shane find that out, but not that hsi family is okay.

Bo says he's going to call Carly. Kayla jumps, "Carly?!? She's not coming to the funeral is she?" Seriously Kayla?

Okay, this is hard. I know that it's a very emotional scene for Kristian Alfonso, but I really want Hope to stop whining.

Bo and Kayla, she's all Hope belongs here. Bo says that he didn't plan it, but that after Hope moved out and Carly came back he fell in love and that changed everything.

Sami said, "I never expected to fall in love with a guy." Heheheheh. That just had to be pointed out. lol And Carrie states the obvious, "Sami is it possible that you love both these guys?" Yes, yes Carrie it is possible. Great detective skills. She was always a little dim though wasn't she?

Frances Reid voice over, reading a letter/poem about love never ending. Sweet. :)

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