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Friday, June 25, 2010

Days: Friday, June 25, 2010

Shane says that he was too busy saving the world and lost his family. Rafe says that he's going to fix things now.

Kayla tells Bo that he should have never given up. She says, "Carly's great. She always have been. But right now she is nothing more than a distraction for you." At least we got a bit of Carly support. I don't enjoy every one seeming to be against her. Bo says, "I love that distraction."

Jen and Bill show up to tell Mike that Alice has died.

Hope shows up at Bo's She doesn't even act excited to see Kayla or Kim. Hope asks if it's a bad time, if Carly is around. Bo says that she's at the hospital. Hope needed to see Bo before she said goodbye to Alice.

Rafe says it's not easy with Sami. She never listens. Shane says, "Lies a lot too as I remember." Heehee. Shane points out to Rafe that how Sami acts isn't his problem, that his problem is that he can't stop thinking about her.

I'm distracted by Carrie's outfit. It's black lace over green and the green is a different shade than her green necklace. It doesn't look like a very Carrie outfit. Maybe I just don't remember Carrie at all. :)

Justin and Adrian run into each other on the dock. Adrian asks him how Hope is doing. He doesn't know.

Hope wants Bo to say a few words at the funeral. She tells him that she's not okay and she doesn't think that she can make it through the day without all of her family. She means you Bo. Run and call Carly. Do it now!

Poor Mike! He's all sad and crying because he didn't get to say goodbye. Lexi isn't going to let Mike out of the hospital for the funeral today. What?!? So wrong, so very very wrong.

Kayla runs into Adrian and Justin. Big hugs all around. Kayla and Adrian talk about Stephanie. It's really great to see Mary Beth Evans and Judi Evans in the same scene again. :)

Bo didn't get the pointed look. He tells Hope that she's not alone today, that her family is around her and that includes him. Dude, she's not going to let it go at you just being there.

Adrian is trying to tell Kayla that Stephanie is more attached to Nathan than might be healthy, but doesn't actually spill the beans.

Mike is understandably upset. He's loud and angry and make Jen cry. He immediately apologizes and pulls her into a hug.

Shane is amused by Rafe's ramblings about Sami and E.J. Shane has no fond feelings toward the Dimera family.

Justin walks up to check on Hope. Caroline sees it and says, "She should be in your arms Bo. Your arms." No she shouldn't. Lay off Caroline. You're being way too judgmental and meddlesome lately.

Kate has called Sami because Giovanni is running a fever and she didn't want to do anything without talking to Sami first. Seriously! LOVING Kate!

This is a sweet service. They are going around the circle by picking up off of someone else's words. It's like they're just sitting around the living room recalling memories to each other. It's that kind of casual feel, except that they're all standing around a coffin instead.

Kate asks Sami how Giovanni is doing. Sami says that he's doing well. Then Kate asks about the service. Sami says it was beautiful. Kate asks about Lucas. Sami says that he looked good.

Flashback of Mike talking to Alice about Carrie and Austin. She suggested he become Chief of Staff to distract him from Carrie.

Kim sees Shane across the clearing for a split second at the funeral. Hope says that Alice was the woman that she hoped that she herself could be. She's crying and Ciara looks worried. Absolutely beautiful montage of Alice, some shots with Tom and some from the flashbacks we've just seen. Last line of the montage is Alice talking to the picture of Tom, "Goodbye my darling. 'Til we meet again." Hope says 'Goodbye Gran' and they pan to Ciara and she's been crying and has one tear rolling down her cheek.

Sami answers the door at the mansion and finds Rafe. :)

Each person proceeds past the coffin and lays a yellow rose on top. Bo and Ciara are the last two. Shane walks up to Kim and says, "Hey." Kim says, "Oh no. Oh no Shane you do not just sneak up on someone and say, 'Hey' " She storms off and tells Bo that she's see him at home. That leaves Bo and Hope alone.....

The end credits start with a picture and title card "In loving memory of Frances Reid"

That was an incredibly touching and very well put together tribute to Alice Horton and to Frances Reid. She will be missed.

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