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Monday, June 28, 2010

Days: Monday, June 28, 2010

Sami comes downstairs and opens the door to Rafe. He says that he had to see her.

Bo and Hope both reach to pick up a flower that fell from Alice's coffin and their hands touch. They share a moment of remembering.

Kate contemplates whether or not to tell Stefano about what she found in Maddie's safe deposit box.

Chad finds Maddie he wants to discuss something that's happened that he's not too happy about. Lemme guess.... Mia?

Hope tells Bo she'll see him back at the house. Left alone Bo has another flashback of Alice. The family is remembering Alice. Roman pulls Kayla aside and asks if she saw Shane and if she knows where Kim is. Kim is walking into Bo's house mumbling about Shane and having a flashback of Alice. Of course Shane has followed her and when he knocks she opens the door.

After a long hug Sami asks Rafe where he's been. He says that he needs to be alone with her.

Family still reminiscing. Hope says that Alice saved her and Bo. Bo walks in and Ciara asks Hope to tell her about when Alice saved them. Hope relates the story of them in new Orleans. Then Ciara says, "I wish Great Grandma could save you and daddy again."

Kate is talking to Alice at the memorial service site. She says that she didn't feel she should have come to the service, but that Alice was her son's grandmother and that she's sorry for the things she did that made it so hard for them and kept Lucas from knowing her as his grandmother for so long. Kate says, "Goodbye sweet lady." Then chokes up and cries. Bill shows up to comfort her. So sweet!

Carrie is leaving and says goodbye to Lucas.

Kayla is talking pro-Bo&Hope to Hope.

Hope says that it's more complicated than just wanting it. Kayla says that he didn't bring Carly and he knew Hope would be there. Nathan brings out a video they found. It's a wedding video of Alice and Tom.

Kim doesn't want to see Shane. He tells her that he needs to see her. She's angry that he hasn't contacted her because he had to save the world. He didn't know that she needed him. She needs to get this out. He explains that he never got her messages because he was in jail. Or a pen where animals are kept. He is very regretful that he wasn't there. He tells her that he only earned about the leukemia when he was debriefed just before coming home.

Rafe is explaining what he was doing away. How he used Calliope to get to Anna, that Anna was drugged and he was in jail and Anna escaped. He's very upset that he didn't find out who Anna was working with. Sami is moved. "This whole time you were gone, it was for me."

Ciara is telling Theo that the treasures that were taken from her were wallets, that maybe her mom took them back since Ciara had taken them from her to begin with and that it happened the same night Mommy was hugging that strange man. Ciara is quite the little detective. Roman should hire her on contract! Hope walks in and admonishes Ciara asking her what she's saying?

Maggie and Will are both sad that Mia left so abruptly.

Bill says that he's heading home soon and wanted to stop and talk to his mom before leaving. Kate says that she'll leave him to it then. He asks her if she wants help.

Hope tells Ciara she doesn't want her making up any more stories especially about mommy. Ciara says, "I'm not. You never believe me!" and runs to Bo.

Dr Baker has an Avenger flashback and says, "That woman is nothing but a bomb waiting to go off and her next victim is her husband." Hmmmm? Is Hope going to get sent to a looney bin? Oh please oh please!

Bo and Roman are talking about Arianna's case. Hope overhears Bo says, "Now that I'm back I'll take another look at this case." and she says, "You're not taking this case away from me!"

Shane says that he had to see Kim now and that's why he didn't go to Los Angeles. He had to see if there was a chance for them. Kim says through a waterfall of tears, "Go to Hell!"

Sami and Rafe move on to Arianna. Rafe says that he has to find out who is setting Ari up. Then he says who wouldn't want to hit E.J. and Sami says that he could have died and that she doesn't think it's funny.

Hope is upset that Bo doubts her abilities. He says that the bottom line is the case isn't solved yet.

She says, "I'm a damned good detective and you know it!" He says, "You're overreacting. There is a lot going on right now." Ciara and Doug and Julie come back into the room and Bo says goodbye to Ciara. Doug and Julie offer to take Ciara home so Hope can have some alone time. Julie asks if she's sleeping and brings up the sleeping pills. Hope hasn't been taking them since she's been staying with Alice, but says that she's very tired. I'm guessing she pops a couple tonight. Look out Bo!

Very peppy nurse walks into Mike's room, but he's not there.

Kate and Maddie. Kate asks if she got the delivery. Maddie says that everything from the box appears to be there. Kate says that she doesn't think they're done.

Sami tells Rafe that the reason they're at the mansion is because of the burst pipes. He calls her on still being there even after the pipes are fixed.

Mike is still at the hospital but he has gotten dressed in his suit. I'm guessing he's on his way out and was distracted by the memorial plaque for Alice at the hospital.

Kim is completely broken that Shane chose work over his family when he left a safe job and went back to work for the ISA. She is a mess. Patsy Pease does an excellent job here.

Rafe tells Sami that E.J. is going to hurt her and he's not going to let that happen. Then they kiss.

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