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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Days: Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rafe and Sami kiss.

Kate says that she does think any of them can be really happy after all that's happened. Maddie plays innocent. 'All of what?' Kate says that she knows everything.

Carly lays a flower on the massive pile of flowers at Alice's grave. Jenn see her and Carly says, "I'm sorry." and gives her a hug and tells her that she didn't come to the funeral because she "didn't think it would be fair to Hope". Jen says that was nice of her to think about Hope. Carly says that she's going to leave Jen to have some time to herself. Then Jen sees that she's been crying so she asks Carly if anything is wrong. Carly says, "No. This is not about me. Okay. You just lost your grandmother. Don't concern yourself about me." Jen says that haven't kept in touch but she still considers Carly a friend. Jen asks if it's about Bo and Carly says no.

Mel walks into the kitchen and finds Philip in the kitchen on the phone says, "Come one Chloe pick up your phone." When he sees Mel he's startled. She says, "You don't have to hide from me. Just be honest, and always assume I know more than you do." Ha! Nice. :)

E.J. walks in on Sami and Rafe kissing. He looks hurt and annoyed. Sorry, I know he's helping Arianna but I still can't bring myself to feel bad for E.J.

Daniel reassures Chloe that she wasn't dreaming that she's having a baby. She has a flashback of sex with Philip and says deep in thought. "Oh no, it can't be. " Daniel asks what can't be and she asks him how far along she is.

Gaby shows up at the jail to tell Arianna that Rafe is back.

E.J. tells Rafe to leave his house.

Mel says that she understands that Philip is Chloe's friend and is concerned for her. Philip is worried that Carly interrupted the wedding to tell Daniel about the cheating.

Carly in a very round about way lets Jen know that she's concerned that this 'wonderful thing' that's happened to Daniel may turn out to be a very bad thing for him 'Tragic' even.

Daniel tells Chloe she's about 2 months along. He says, "You don't like that answer do you?"

Stefano walks in and Rafe tells him and E.J. that he had a real long talk with Anna and that she told him everything.

Kate tells Maddie that there was a 'Very unexpected discovery' in the safe deposit box. Maddie asks if she told Stefano about it. Kate says, "Not yet."

Rafe tells Stefano and E.J. that Anna confessed her role in the kidnapping and was going to tell her more but was drugged and in a coma, then she escaped from the hospital.

Mel can tell that Philip is hiding something. It's making her very nervous.

Carly is telling Jen how much she regrets not telling Daniel about Mel when she was pregnant. Jen says that it's alright because that's all the more reason to get it right this time.

Daniel tells Chloe that the elevator accident is what's making her not enjoy the baby news like she should. Yeah. That's it Daniel, that's the reason. She asks him if he can forgive her for putting them through so much with her doubts about Carly etc. He says that as long as they're together that he can forgive her anything. She says that she has something to tell him.

Carly and Jen are hugging Carly is very moved. Carly tells her that she reminds her of Alice. Aw. After Carly leaves Jen walks over to Alice's headstone and says "I hope I gave her the right advice Gran, but I was channeling you."

Philip shows up at the hospital but a nurse tells him that Daniel is in with Chloe. Daniel is telling Chloe that he should have been there for her (he's interrupted her again). Apparently she's being released as Daniel has to go sign some forms and tells Chloe to get dressed and he'll be back.

Stefano says that Rafe has failed them again! Sami is defending Rafe's effort. E.J. says to let him defend himself. Rafe says that there is not need to defend him because the truth will come out. Rafe leaves the room Sami follows him out and say, "What the hell was that?" Stefano says, Anna was telling the truth that the FBI man knows nothing.

Kate tells Maddie that she feels guilty for bring Maddie into 'the life' and getting her involved in that night. Kate says that this new information has given her a lot to consider and that that's all she can do.

Gaby thinks Rafe will save Arianna so she won't have to rely on E.J.

Rafe wants to leave and go see Arianna. Sami says, "You aren't going anywhere until you tell me why you kissed me." Rafe says, "It was goodbye."

Daniel comes to see Mel and is very excited. She asks if he got married without her. He says that she needs to keep it between them not tell Philip or anything. He tells her that she's going to be a big sister. She's very happy.

Chloe is dressed and getting her things together she thinks Daniel has come into her room but it's Carly.

Jen is talking to Alice and crying. She says, "I need you." aww. I'm so glad they gave her this moment. Jennifer Horton and Melissa Reeves both needed this I think.

Aawww Mel says that now she feels like a big baby because she's not sure if she's ready to share him yet. She asks if she can still babysit and he says yes. :)

Carly tells Chloe that she can't let it go now that Chloe is having a baby that may not be Daniel's. Chloe says that Carly ruined his chance of being a father once, why not do it a second time. Ouch! That is the one thing that might actually keep Carly quiet. But it's not going to keep her from worrying.

Chloe is guilting Carly. She says that 'for your information when I was with the other guy we used protection." She's surprised that Carly doesn't believe her. Carly says you told me you were going to tell Daniel and you haven't so No I don't believe you.

Rafe shows up to see Arianna. Stefano finds Kate on the docks and tells her that he's concerned about what might be bothering E.J. E.J. thinks that Sami and Rafe are back together.

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