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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Days: Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daniel walks into Chloe's room where she and Carly are. He wants to know what's going on as there's always tension when the two of them are together. Chloe says that Carly was just leaving Carly says that she's not. At least Crystal probably has an easy time learning her lines since she's got the same 4 over and over again! Really ready for her to have something different to play. It's like Carly is on the plot treadmill. She keeps walking, but she's not getting ANYwhere.

Mel asks Philip why he didn't let Patch and Kayla keep his son.

Shane is back to talk to Kim. Heehee.

Rafe wants Arianna to dump E.J. as her lawyer. Arianna calls him on it being because of Sami.

E.J. calls Sami on not leaving or putting space between them when he told her that he loved her.

Chloe is trying to play off Carly's presence as concern for the baby and the elevator fall. Daniel says that Carly knows the baby is fine and asks her to explain herself. A nurse comes in to announce a big car accident that requires Carly and Daniel to help. Chloe recaps that last 6 months aloud to herself in the room. Nicole comes in whining about her troubles and then notices that Chloe doesn't respond sympathetically.

Arianna defends her choice to allow E.J. to represent her. Rafe asks what Brady thinks and Arianna tells Rafe that they broke up. He speculates that it's because of E.J. and Arianna gets teary eyed, says no that she doesn't want to talk about it right now. He tells her that E.J. is only helping her to look good to Sami. She wants to know if everything is about Sami. I think that E.J. is keeping Arianna close by. He's making her indebted to him so that he has leverage in the future. He does after all know that Ari was undercover to expose his little drug operation even though she doesn't realize that he was the guy in charge.

Kim and Shane yelling at each other. I love it! She storms out of the house.

Philip tells Mel that he didn't let Patch and Kayla adopt his son because he didn't want to be reminded.

Nicole notices that Chloe doesn't have a wedding ring on.

Daniel and Carly are arguing about a patient in the ER Carly saying that the mother made a mistake and Daniel saying that she should have known better. Carly says that now she does and won't do it again. That mothers make mistakes and sometimes it hurts the child and they regret it. He asks her if the last comment is about the ER mom or her and Melanie. Of course it's about her and Melanie. She's her mommy and tried to do what she thought was best.

Rafe tells Arianna that he found Anna and she evaded him again and that he did it all for Sami. Arianna says that it's fate that she doesn't think that Rafe and Sami were meant to be together.

Sami is being all emotionally avoidy and goes to leave the room E.J. stops her with an arm around her waist before she makes it out of the living room.

Shane followed Kim to the pub and knocks until she opens the door. He hands her a piece of paper in explanation instead of pleading his case.

Mel asks Philip if he did background check on the people who adopted his son. Philip says that he had them thoroughly check out. She's concerned that his son may have ended up in a place like she did. Philip has been keeping tabs on him and he knows that he's happy.

Nicole tells Chloe to stop crying. Yes please!

E.J. keeps invading Sami's personal space telling her to admit that she has feelings for him.

E.J. gets a text that Arianna's arraignment has been moved up. He tells Sami that she's saved by the bell and kisses her on the way out.

Daniel asks Carly if Chloe has made a mistake with the baby. Carly says that no, she has and that she shouldn't be pushing Chloe and that if Chloe's made a mistake then she needs to talk to Daniel about it herself.

Chloe asks Nicole what E.J. has on her. Chloe says "What am I going to do if Carly tells Daniel that I slept with someone else?!?" and Daniel walks into the room.

Mel asks Philip if he might want to have another child someday.

Daniel asks Nicole to leave him and Chloe alone. She asks him if Carly and he talked about her. He asks Chloe if she would lie to him.

The letter Shane gave Kim says that he's leaving the ISA. Aawwwwww!!!! He looooooves her so much! He wanted her to know because he finally decided that he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life somewhere his family isn't. It killed him to not have been with her while she had leukemia. He hopes that she'll let him back in. Aawwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rafe tells E.J. that Ari isn't his client anymore. How many times if someone going to fire Arianna's defense attorney on her behalf and against her wishes? Ha! Ari is being very quiet until Rafe makes a move to pummel E.J. and she calls to him to stop and asks him to leave.

Talk of kids makes Philip nervous, Mel is all cute and says that she's not talking about right now, but that they'll know when the time is right.

Daniel is concerned for Chloe and asks her if she's keeping something about her medical condition from him. She says, "no." They say they love each other, and make plans to leave the hospital. Yes please! That room is getting boring!

Shane tells Kim she doesn't have to decide right now that he just wanted her to know.

Ari is nervous and jittery she's worried about the arraignment and isn't confident in E.J. getting her free.

Nicole is once again talking aloud on the docks about herself and Dr Baker framing Arianna.

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