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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Days: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kate sits down on a chair in the living room at the mansion and sits on a squeaky toy. Sami goes around the room reveling in the mess that's making Kate crazy. Kate gets a text..

Reply of the last Chloe and Carly scene from yesterday.

Maggie comes into the kitchen and Philip and Mel fill her in on the text about Victor Philip leaves to see if he can find out what's happened.

Brady leaves Nicole outside of the pub to go find out what's happened to Victor. Nicole is talking to herself then realizes that she should be there for Brady to further her plans and turns around and bolts after him.

Vivian is crying, "Oh Victor. I never meant it to happen this way."

Will walks into the pub and finds Stefano. It turns out Stefano was looking for him. he wants to talk to him and apologizes for not being able to help him out with his poor marks in algebra.

Bo calls Carly to tell her that he's going to Victor's she says that Daniel got the same text and is going over there too. Bo asks Carly if she can come too. She's on her way.

Kate's drinking and Sami says that it's a little early. Kate says Sydney woke her up at 5am so it seems like cocktail hour for her. They end up talking about Will and Kate brings up the grounding for a bad grade as not being an effective method for getting Will to want to live with Sami.

Will is venting to Stefano. He is resentful of the way Samie handled everything around her pregnancy. Will gets all nice when he starts talking about Rafe. He wanted Rafe to be his dad. Stefano brings up "Don't get mad. Get even." This can not end well.

Bo, Philip, Daniel and Brady are all at Victor's. Maggie and Mel run in just as a very smiling happy Vivian gets to the foyer. She's so glad they all came. Huh?

Chad walks up and Will introduces him to Stefano who invites him to join them. Stefano is shaking Chad's hand when Maddie walks in and says, "Get your hands off my son!"

Kate tells Sami that she's missing an important fact. That Will can make his own decisions about people and that he may already know about Stefano's past and does care. Sami says that she'll make him care. Kate says that she doesn't think it will be that easy.

Victor walks into the living room wonder what all the racket is and what everyone is doing there. Maggie is shocked.

Sami runs into the hospital she's just found out about Roman. She and Caroline are talking about not believing that Arianna is the one behind the muggings.

Will is surprised that Maddie and Stefano seem to know each other.

Victor wants to know how everyone got a text from Henderson, "Henderson can't test. He's still getting used to a push button phone." Ha!

Vivian has apparently gotten everyone together because she's planned a wedding for today. Chloe and Carly come in. Vivian and Carly snark. Bo walks over to stand behind Carly. Aawww. Vivian tells Victor that she wanted everyone there to give him his Big Fat Greek Wedding. He tells everyone to go home that he may need to be subjected to the debacle but they don't. He leaves the room and Vivian looks absolutely crushed.

Chad wants answers to what's going on with Maddie and Kate and Stefano.

Carly and Bo are talking about the reason that Victor's marrying Vivian. Carly doesn't want Victor to HAVE to marry Vivian so she tells Bo to end the deal. Bo says if he lets Victor off the hook and he fails to neutralize Vivian then Bo has to go to plan B and kill her.

Carly doesn't want Bo to kill Vivian, "You can't kill anyone, okay. It's murder!" Thanks for that. Carly suggests that she just leave town. Bo doesn't agree. Carly brings up Ciara, Bo says, okay then I guess Victor's getting married.

Daniel is talking to Chloe and brings up Philip "In a strange way he's become my son-in-law." It's not that strange actually. He married your daughter, but okay.

Maggie and Victor are talking. She asks him is Vivian literally knows where the bodies are buried. She thinks that the marriage is a mistake and she can't figure out why he's doing it.

Soooo apparently Maddie has a tape that could end Stefano's life as he knows it.

Maggie wants to help Victor escape.

Before everyone can leave Bo calls the guys to hold on because there is something that they don't know about.

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