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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Days: Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vivian tells Victor that they're going to pick out the food for the wedding. He says that he suddenly feel s case of indigestion. Hehehe.

Bo is fixing a breakfast tray because he made Carly breakfast in be and he hears her coming down the stairs and says, "I thought you were sleeping in." and she says, "I was, but the smell of French toast woke me up." He turns around with the tray and she grabs it and say in her breathy voice, "I really missed you." Yeah, it's not his cooking she missed either. They are sooooo cute!
Carly and Bo are kissing and we cut to Ciara and Hope, Ciara is getting ready to see her daddy. :)

Philip and Mel are at the Brady Pub talking about Arianna being in jail.
Brady goes to see Arianna in jail. Ari looks like she's been crying all nice, but Lindsay still looks beautiful. That's soooo not fair. :)
Brady: "Hey? Did you get any sleep last night?"
Arianna scoffs and looks up at him and her expression says, 'Look at me how can you think I could have slept last night?'
Brady: "Me neither."
Arianna: "You didn't need to come."
Brady: "Of course I did. It's my job to get you out of here, Ari."
Arianna: "Well if even my own fiance doesn't believe that I'm innocent ::scoff::: I'm not gettin' outta here."
Brady: "I do believe you're innocent. I know that you're innocent.
Arianna: "Well I saw the look on your face, last night. I saw the doubt."
Brady: "Ari. That wasn't doubt on my face that was shock. I was sure that the DNA results would go the other way.
Arianna: "But they didn't Brady, and I can't explain it. So you can go now."
Brady: "Oh, Honey, I'm not going anywhere.
Arianna looks at him with a sad smile. She loves that he's being gallant, but she doesn't want him there if she can't trust him.

Nicole is doing a special report on the muggings and the "Alleged Perpetrator Arianna Hernandez" Phillip walks up and cuts the filming.

Carly and Bo still kissing. She really missed him. He isn't paying attention and accidentally knocks a box off the table. Carly asks if it's breakable and Bo says he thinks he packed it really well.. It's Ciara's gift. Carly says that she tried to call Hope to give it to her, but that she hasn't returned her calls. Bo starts to explain that she's been busy, and Carly says, that she understands that Hope could probably go the rest of her life without seeing her. She tells Bo that they've kind of come to an understanding and that Hope said she doesn't have any ill-will toward Carly. Bo thinks that maybe she's turning a corner Carly looks doubtful. ('Cause Hope shifted all blame to him.)

Hope tries to get info on the 'treasure box' from Ciara. Ciara says that it's treasure the Hope got from other people.

Nicole is upset because Phillip is keeping the truth from the people. She says that it's about Brady.

Mel: "Brady? Your friend Brady? The on whos fiance, your assistant is in jail for a crime she didn't commit while you smear her good name?" Way to go Mel!!!!

Nicole: "How much more could Arianna's 'good name' be tarnished? She's a felon."

Mel: In a gentle calm kind of eerie voice like she's talking to a child. "Well you're a felon and look how far you've come."

Phillip who is watching like a tennis match. "Hmm."

Nicole: "See. I'm a perfect example of one who rises above."

Mel: "Except you have nothing meaningful in life except that little microphone thing when all you really want is Brady, and you really think doing this to the woman he is in love with if going to help you win him back? I knew you were evil, but I didn't know you were stupid. " Mel is soooo channeling Carly. Awesome!

Victor has heartburn because Vivian keeps talking to him.

Nicole "I'm just doing my job little tyke.

Mel: "It won't be your job much longer if you keep talking to your boss like that. And I don't know if I need to remind you of this, but he did offer me the position first and I turned him down."

Brady: "Ari I'm telling you. I believe that you're innocent, and I would never lie to you about something like that."
Arianna: "I saw the look on your face Brady."
Brady: "I was shocked! My head was exploding Ari. I could not believe that those hairs...came back as a match."
Arianna: "And then they did."
Brady: "Ari. Somebody's framing you. Some one is setting you up somehow."
Arianna: "Well the police say that the evidence doesn't lie. So it must mean it's me.
Brady: "Why do you think I'm here?"
Arianna: "I don't know. So do me a favor and don't be."

Major major props to Lindsey for these scenes. The writing for Arianna is great here and she's selling it.

Nicole tells Dr Baker that he and his mystery partner are done. Dr baker says that when his partner finds out that it was Nicole who framed Ari, to not be surprised if she comes after Nicole.

Arianna tells Brady that she doesn't want to be beholden to Brady if he helps her and she doesn't get cleared of the charges. She says that they took her ring when they booked her so he's free and he can just go. He says that she'll never be free of him, and she calls the guards to tell him that she's done.

Ciara and Hope show up at Bo's and Carly leaves for work. Ciara says that she can put her gift (a Hollywood hills snow globe) in her treasure box. Bo says he didn't know she had a treasure box, she says that Mommy said the same thing and asks if Bo knows that she has one too. Hope sends her upstairs to get some books and then tells Bo that she's worried about her. I really want to smack Hope right now she's convincing every that her daughter is acting out and lying.

Vivian says that she and Victor are like Samson and Delilah. She says that she promises no regrets. Victor says that thanks to their 'wedded bliss' al of his family has abandoned him.

Bo says that he wants to talk to Ciara and as Hope is leaving he says that he's sorry.

Nicole does the report and changes it up to make it seem like she's completely supporting of Arianna. Brady happens to walk up and see it.

Daniel is apologizing to Chloe for what happened around the time he found out about Mel, but he's not doing a good job of it. Still no forward movement here.

Vivian is upset that Victor isn't being nice to her.

Bo senses that something is wrong with Ciara. She's worried about what Bo and Hope were talking about.

Hope is talking to Arianna about 'the mark' and says that the gang that Arianna used to run with i swell acquainted with that symbol. Really? Is Avenger targeting Arianna, because that's way too much of a coincidence.

Carly runs into to Chloe at the hospital and asks if she told Daniel the truth.

Bo is talking to Ciara about the lipstick that Hope said she thought Ciara used. Ciara is very clear that she didn't do it. Bo says, let's try and figure out who did. Seeee Hope, that's how you talk to the kid!

Nicole tells Brady that she's sorry for lying. That she said she was happy for him and Arianna, but that a part of her will always love him. Run Brady!!!

Mel tells Phillip that she 'Married one of the good guys.' Cut to Chloe and Carly talking about 'it'. Carly is really pushing the 'can't keep a secret from Daniel so you have to tell him or I will' thing.

Hope thinks that she can figure out why Arianna did it, and she brings up her past drug use and then starts talking about how each of the men were powerful and that she understands what Arianna was feeling, and that the attacks were a cry for help and the Hope will be there to help her.

Ciara says, "Maybe Vivian used Mommy's make-up." Bo says that's a good idea. She's started to say mroe about Hope's treasure box when a text message to Bo's phone interrupts them.

Philip gets a test message about Victor.

Chloe and Carly are arguing and Daniel walks up then gets a text message about Victor.

Nicole and Brady are holding hands and he gets a text message from Henderson about Victor.

Cut to a shot of Vivian crying.

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