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Monday, May 24, 2010

Days: Monday, May 24, 2010

Wow, Carly is so upset on Daniel's behalf. She has just pegged Chloe.
Can I just say ...... Carlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carry on. :)

Bo and Daniel neither one think Arianna is the mugger.

Oh! Brady just saw Nicole with an envelope with Arianna's name on it.
She's like, it's nothing, just some stuff.
Hope is like, "I'd like to see some stuff." Hehehe.

Anna's waking up, who wants to bet that Rafe finds out nothing?

Uh, Gabi just brought up Ari's juvenile records and wonders if Ari has told Brady. This doesn't sound good.

Oh! Sami and E.J. were in this episode, but nothing moved forward. I didn't take notes on it as I was watching at work and fielding supervisor requests at the same time. Had to drop something, so I dropped the storyline that's moving so slowly.

Bo! Re: Carly staying with Chloe and Daniel, "Chloe had a problem with that?" Of course she did you big goober!

Chloe looks like she's completely confused. She was expecting a huge fight from Carly, she is totally off balance now.

SpaIsland Dr Carlos tells Rafe to stop badgering Anna and puts more stuff in her IV. I'm guessing it's not to help her wake up.
I think SpaIsland Dr Carlos might be in Stefano's pocket too.

Aw, Ari was a gang girl. That kind of make me like her a little more. She's really turned her life around. ::hugs::

Okay, so not a gang girl, but still. ::hugs::

Chloe is defensive now and thinks Carly is trying to be all 'high and mighty'.
Carly re Daniel: "He's good and he's generous and he's kind." Sorry, but I soooo got an Olivia flashback of her talking to Doris about Natalia.
Oooooo Carly: "Would you rather he found out from you or from me?"
Chloe: "You wouldn't..."
Carly: "I'm sorry, but one way or other he needs to know."
Did I mention that I love this scene?

Chloe just calmed down and started crying that she's wanted to tell Daniel.
Carly: "I'm not trying to torment you. I'm trying to help."
Chloe: "Fine I'll tell him, but I'm gonna tell him it was your fault because I thought he was cheating on me with you."
Carly: "You tell him, any way you have to, but you tell him." Carly!

Arianna explains that her boyfriend at the time named her when she didn't actually do anything.
Hope believes her and doesn't think she did it. (for now)
Brady stays behind and talks to Ari. He believes her too and says that she can tell him anything in the world.

SpaIsland Dr Carlos takes away the IV stimulant. Rafe is not okay with it. SI Dr Carlos says that if she's going to talk, then she's reached that point and the stimulant wouldn't be helping any more.
Stefano knows that Anna is awake. He's getting his info straight from SI Dr Carlos isn't he?

Boss asking me questions while I'm trying to work and watch and comment. Ha!

Nicole just told Dr Baker to tell Avenger that 'he's the man' and he's in charge now. Ha! That's not going to go over well at all!

Carly comes home to Bo and he can tell she's upset. She says that she's fine now that he's there. Aawwww!

SI Dr Carlos flees the room when a militia guy shows up and arrests Rafe. Whaaa?!? I did not see that coming!

Daniel wants Chloe to relax. Yeah Chloe, relax and TELL HIM!

Daniel! Shut-up and let her TALK!

So of course Anna says 'E.J.' while Rafe is not in the room.

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