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Friday, May 21, 2010

Days: Friday, May 21, 2010

Will is dressed to go out, and Sami looks like she's going to do a fitness mag photo shoot.

Rafe is not happy that SpaIsland Dr Carlos can't promise him that Anna will wake up.

Mel and Stephanie fighting over Steph's purse.

Dr Dan shows up at Maggie's and Philip thinks that he's angry about couch sex. This however is not the case.

Carly wants to know if something is wrong with Chloe. I wonder if she's worried that Nathan might be bothering her. Carly is a very caring person you know.

Carly is moving out of Adrienne's.
Chloe says that she an Nathan were just 'getting into it' over Lucas.

I'm bored with Stefano and E.J. today.

Sami and Will arguing like they're a couple. wtf? She just grounded him! Ha!

Maggie and a second nurse break up the purse fight.

Chloe just told Carly she was fine and Carly left. I hope this isn't the last we see of her today.

Heeheeheehee Daniel is mad that Philip wanted Mel to have dinner with Victor and Vivian.

E.J. is being a parent and Will is like, 'whoa what's up with actually having parental supervision all of a sudden?!?'
Stefano wants to help Will. This can't be good.

Nathan told Chloe that she may have commitment issues. She turns it around on him and brings up Melanie.

Rafe told SpaIsland Dr Carlos to give Anna the stimulant that might help her.

Mel called Stephanie a bitch and Maggie chastised her. It was actually cute.

Ooooo. Maggie demanded to hear how Melanie thinks Steph is going to hurt Nathan. Good times are coming!

Uh Oh. Nathan just said, "Whoa, what does Melanie have to do with this?" Nice move Chloe. 'What a maroon.'

Rafe is trying to coax Anna into waking up.

Wow E.J. is trying to protect Will from Stefano!

Maggie wants to know what Mel knows. Mel says, "If Leslie told me to go home, shouldn't we leave?"

Stefano is 'concerned for the next generation.'
Sami hears E.J. protecting Will from Stefano aaaaannnnnd now she's all again. You know she is.

teph tells Nathan that she and Melanie got in a fight at the hospital.
Nathan asks what they were fighting about. Steph goes

Mel goes home and Philip asks why she's home now. She said she got in a fight with Steph about Nathan. She's soooo open there aren't going to be any things that Philip can hold over her later.

Daniel seeks help from Father Walton.

Carly tells Chloe that they need to talk about what she heard and that she knows why Chloe and Nathan were arguing. Hm? We'll see how much she really knows.

Sami and E.J. looking all smitten.

Seriously, Philip does NOT deserve Melanie.

Ooooooo. Chloe just outted herself. Carly did not know as much as Chloe thought she did.
Chloe: "Ohmygod. It just happened once and it was the same night I thought Daniel was cheating with you. You can not tell Daniel."
Carly: "I can not tell Daniel what?"

Ty wants Will to sneak out.
Kinsey is at 'Cafe Kinky' too. Surprised? I'm not. Haha. :)

Sami and E.J. are gonna kiss. Eewww!

Anna is stirring awake. Aawww. Rafe is being gentle.

Nathan and Stephanie in bed. She had a flash of Melanie telling her how stupid she is.

Carly just figured out that Chloe cheated on Daniel.
"Oh my God! Did you cheat on Daniel?"

Crystal! That one line was the BEST performance in the entire show.
Second? Mel escaping Maggie's questions.

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