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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Days: Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bo's home!!!!!!!!!! She's so cute when she's excited!

Ah, Arianna has never seen the flashlight before. You know what? It's okay if you had, because it couldn't have done the damage anyway.

Mel wants Nathan to tell her why he doesn't think Chloe is good for her dad. Aawww, Mel.

Brady and Arianna are trying to figure out where the flashlight came from.
Abe asks for an alibi. Nicole is contemplative.

Carly tells Bo he should have called and she would have picked him up at the airport. He wanted to surprise her, she says, he did that.
She asks if he's been to the hospital and tells him about Roman.
Abe calls a sleeping Hope to tell her about Roman. She is surprised, "no witnesses, nothing new to go on?" She hangs up and heads over before Abe can tell her things are different.

Mel is still trying to pry the info from Nathan. Philip comes out before he can say anything and then she gets paged to the hospital. Nathan and Stephani.....::snore:: Sorry. Dozed off for a second there.

Chloe is still side stepping the reveal with Daniel. 'Bored now.'

Carly fills in Bo on what's what. Bo: "Who would be so brazen as to attack a cop?" Heheheheheh oh, Bo you don't know the half of it.

Hope says that the two victims that were marked are the ones that Arianna knows the best.

Uh oh. Carly and Bo walk into the hospital just as Hope walks out of Roman's room.
(For those just re-joining us Avenger-Hope told Carly that she blames Bo for everything, so we'll see how this little mini-reunion plays out. )

Chloe and Philip on the phone, Philip just found out that Nathan knows. He's not happy.

Nicole is trying to 'help' Arianna but is getting lots and lots of info and is making Arianna believe that Nicole thinks she did it.
Nicole is interested to know that Arianna knows the exact time that Roman was attacked because she heard it as she was turning her cell phone back on to call Brady.

Hope is not being gentle with Nicole.
Hope dismisses Bo to go see Roman. Carly asks what about her? Hope tells her that they've got her statement. She's very dismissive and not the happy huggy Hope from the park. Carly should be getting uber suspicious about now.

Dr Daniel is getting his baby girl to open up to him about what's bothering her. "Does Chloe really make you happy?"

Chloe tells Philip that he doesn't know that it was Philip that she slept with.

Mel just wants her daddy to be happy. I don't think she's really concerned about his 'bedroom habits.'

Arianna and Brady walked up to Nicole telling Dr Baker to not contact her anymore.

Daniel reassure Mel about Chloe.

Mel: "I could use your advice on dealing with your godfather. The Godfather..." sorry Mel that's actually Stefano.

Daniel is terrified that Mel might be near Vivian. He gets Carly's concern now! Bingo! That only took what? 6 months? Sooooo he'll figure out what he needs to do to help Chloe in say November?

Uh oh. Hope says, "Arianna's not going anywhere."
Avenger would not be happy. She was adamant about not letting another woman take the fall for what she'd done.

Wow, Chloe is actually not crying for a change. Woo! She just started off on Nathan. Hehe.

Why does Stephanie seem to think that she has to get rid of her pills in order to not take them. It's like if she doesn't throw them out then she's afraid she'll accidentally take one.

Ha! Um, they can't actually use a DNA sample to match Arianna's when Roman was found outside the place where Arianna lives and works.
Plus it matches her color and length.... Carly was hovering over Roman right after she found him. Ha!
KeySalem cops.

Daniel is pissed at Philip.

Nathan thinks Chloe needs sex therapy.
She yells at him and opens the door and says, "The last thing I need is sex therapy, now get out!" and there is Carly standing in the hall outside Adrienne's door.

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