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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Days: Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What? We've had a Carly draught. Now we have Carly like a refreshing summer rain shower

Nathan and Stephanie are annoying.
Philip is making dinner for Mel. Aaawww. Except we know he's trying to make up for his guilt.

Hey! The dress that Chloe is wearing in this scene is the same one that Nadia wore in Dallas!
Apparently Daniel went to therapy with Chloe. It's about time, but she's already messed things up.

Carly called Hope while Avenger was trying to get out the stamp to 'mark' Roman's body. Ha!
Apparently a package came to the house for Ciara and Carly is letting hope know. Aawwwww. She's so thoughtful.

Why did Avenger mark Roman on the wrist and not on the chest like Brady? I think that's age-ist.

Uh oh, Caroline is going to 'witness' that Arianna was out of breath after Roman was hit.
Carly found him and called 911. Woo!

Mel says that Chloe is beautiful and talented and high maintenance and maybe not right for her father.

Chloe tells Daniel that she thinks she's crazy and Daniel doesn't need her.
He figures it out and tries to console her. She's all teary.

Ooooo Dr Baker just told Avenger that from now on he's calling the shots.

Okay, now Brady and Nicole and Arianna and Caroline and Carly are all around Roman's body.
Since Arianna walked out with Caroline, Nicole thinks that she has an alibi. Heehee.

Mel just told Philip that Chloe is a 'High-octane drama queen'
Ooooo Philip just kind of insulted Daniel to Mel. She's so adult and calls it before they can say anything else citing that they can't really talk about those two because he's her dad and Chloe's Philip's friend.

Daniel is trying to get through to Chloe. We'll see if it works.

Ah, Carly saw a glimpse of Avenger fleeing. Abe is going to give Caroline and Carly a lift to the station. Um, I think that may actually be one of Olvia's suits that Carly is wearing. It's got the pleated ruffle on the back/tail of the jacket.

Aaww Arianna apologizes for not calling Brady back.
Brady: "I don't know why the Salem PD can't solve this case."

Nicole! To Caroline "I'm sorry for your loss." Uh, yeah. As she just told you. Roman isn't dead.

Dr Baker is funny. "Stop shrieking in my ear."

Heehee Carly can't comment to the press Nicole.
Dude I want Arianna's sweater!!!!!!!

Mel hears Steph order 'ginger ale' and Steph and guesses it's for 'the baby' and Stephanie says, "There is no baby."
Mel needs new friends and a new hubby/boyfriend.

Roman: "I feel like I was hit on the head."
Carly: "Well, ya were." Heheheh.
Roman tells Carly to make sure his mom goes home to get some rest.
Nobody has noticed the 'mark' yet.

Avenger: "So close. So close to the ultimate target."
Uh oh.
So aside from DA Woods avenger has stepped up from friends to family of Bo, right? I don't know how he's related to Bo.
What's funny is that if they have Arianna in for questioning it isn't going to stop Avenger from taking care of business so she won't be held for long if at all.

Uh oh. Daniel and Chloe are going to make me have to minimize my screen 'cause I'm at work.
Aaaannnnd Oh! She has a Philip flashback!

Philip told Steph that he was seriously annoying him. Me too Philip, me too!

Oh, Nicole asked about evidence besides 'the mark' so I'm guessing they did acknowledge it we just didn't see it. Nicole's fishing paid off and Abe told her that they had some new evidence.

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