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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Days: Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anna is still choking.

Okay, question.... does Nicole intend for that little flashlight to have been 'the weapon' in the muggings? A Mini-Mag is never going to make a wound like the butt of a handgun.

Avenger is outside the door with her gun drawn.

Sami thinks that E.J. is distracted because he must have 'sensed' that Sydney was upset.

Rafe is soooo not budging and is letting Anna pass out from not being able to breath. Then he gets a little concerned. "Meryl Streep you are not."

Maggie is worried about Alice. She doesn't feel well and hasn't since Mickey died. ::sniff::

Avenger walks away before Nicole can leave the hideout.

Maybe the reason Sydney can't sleep is because she's wearing a tutu. That's active wear people not sleepwear. Just sayin'.

Ha! Rafe sat Anna upright and she's got food on her face. Heehee. Nice touch.

Avenger: "I didn't know I was working with such a celebrity."
Now Dr Baker is having to explain his association with Nicole. She's mad at him and says that he's betrayed her, "Not a smart move."

Nicole runs into Roman at Java and asked Roman if there are any leads on Brady's case. He thinks it's funny that she's asking about justice being served, when if justice had been served she'd still be in prison.

Sami is amazed at the bond Sydney and E.J. have 'even though she was with Anna all those months.' Oh, Sami, the things you don't know.

Mia's been cutting classes. Big surprise. Maggie needs to send her to boot camp not dance conservatory.

Mia tells Maggie that cutting class isn't irresponsible because she's planning on dropping out and becoming a dancer.

Avenger is laying into Dr Baker for even playing nice with Nicole.

Ooooo. Avenger is adamant about not letting Arianna or 'any other woman' take the fall for them.

Sami being jealous of E.J.'s bond and time with Sydney would be so much more compelling if she were saying these things to Rafe and not E.J.
Can this please, please be the last day we get them for at least a week?

Avenger: "And how do I know you're not 'just humoring' me?"
Baker: "You're a hell of a lot scarier than she is." Heehee.
Avenger: " I have taken control. I will never let another man ruin my life. Ever." Hmm?

Sami and E.J. ... you know the story.

Mia is all whiny. "Why would I even want to stay here where nobody cares about me. Except you."
If she wasn't so manipulative I might actually feel sorry for her. Right now I want to smack her because I feel like she's playing Maggie.

Avenger left Dr Baker in the hideout and said, "you stay here. I have something to take care of."
Confused yet again by her actions.

Nicole calls Arianna who is crying in bed.
Nicole: "You sound stuffy. Do you have a cold?"
Arianna: "I'm shutting off my phone and going to bed."

The Dr on SpaIsland tells Rafe that he was right and Anna was poisoned. Rafe tells him to do whatever he can to save her because she's the key to everything.

Maggie is trying to get Mia to stay at least one more year until she finishes highschoool. Maggie says that it would be good for her to because she likes having her there. That they can help each other out. Mia says she'll stay. Hmm?

Nicole is checking on Arianna to make sure she really did turn off her phone.
Then she calls Dr Baker to tell him to "Get that evidence planted on a victim, any victim. Tonight."
Arianna is having trouble sleeping. I bet that she gets up and ends up having an alibi.

Ah, Diego didn't work tonight because when he came in he reported his uniform missing. Poor Diego. I hope they don't dock his pay for that.
Rafe has asked to talk to him. We'll find out.

E.J. is looking all googley eyed and playing with Sami's hair.

Rafe is keeping an eye on Anna in one of the nicest hospital rooms I've ever seen!

Okay, Roman just left the pub and Avenger knocked him out. That works perfectly with Nicole's plan since Arianna is upstairs debating calling Brady.

Carly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Previews show Carly finding Roman!

SpaIsland Dr looks very familiar. Either the actor or character was named Carlos I think. Maybe on Night Court? {did a little research... Okay, SpaIsland Doc (Carly is original Island Doc takin' care of peeps in a bikini and lab coat.) Aaaaanyway, SpaIsland Doc is Carlos Lacamara http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0479801/ He was a busboy on Night Court. Ha! My mind is a crazy place sometimes. }

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