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Monday, May 17, 2010

Days: Monday, May 17, 2010

Ciara runs in and says that Hope made her happy when they had their talk.
Hope has no idea what talk.
Ciara: "You don't remember?"

(side note, neither do we, that conversation doesn't seem to have aired for public consumption)

Hope that is a weak excuse!
Hope: "Well it's just that we talk all the time. Can you tell me what I said and maybe I can say it again sometime?"
Justin shows up and Ciara is very excited.
Arianna and Nicole are funny. Nicole tells her she wants to do a piece on employees stealing dishes to explain her taking the wine glass.

Oooo Anna just asked Rafe for a lawyer. I'm guessing she's forgotten that she said that the SpaIsland has a no extradition policy.

Hope is telling Justin that Ciara is making up conversations again.
She says that she's called Ciara's shrink and she's not doing it with her, only with Hope.
Justin tell Hope that she doesn't seem like herself. She takes offense, "Then who the hell am I?" Yep, not suspicious at ALL!

Brady: "I just don't see how you can be in the same room as E.J. and not throw up." Heehee. I agree. Important note: This has nothing to do with James Scott. I saw him in Dallas and think he's a fun, charming guy. E.J. on the other hand makes me nauseous.

Anna tells Rafe that the person who put this whole thing in motion is.... 'Sami'.
He knows that she's referring to keeping her pregnancy a secret. Anna is not going to roll over so easily. She tells Rafe he should be home trying to keep Sami from E.J.'s clutches. hehe

Hope says, "I just feel like my life veered off course when Ciara was kidnapped."
Hope says that she felt off balance again seeing Justin after he was attacked.

Kinsey just came over and told Arianna to keep her voice down and not scare off customers.
Then Kinsey told Nicole that she thinks a story on theft is a great idea, because Mrs Brady is doing everything she can to keep costs down in these tough economic times.
Arianna says, "Wow, I have not seen that much sucking up since my mother bought her first vacuum cleaner."
Why is Kinsey working? Is she being punished by her parents? I wouldn't think that Kinsey needs to work, she seems like a spoiled girl who is given everything she whines for from her parents.

Stefano confesses to E.J. that he is responsible for Sami staying at the DiMera house, by making the plumbing problem happen then telling every contractor in town to not take her calls.

Will walks into the foyer and hears E.J. telling Stefano that Sami's not there for him, but for Will, and that if she wants to take the kids and leave then he's fine with that.

Anna gets Rafe to talk about Sami and he catches her distraction trick and tells her it's not going to work.

Arianna tells Brady that Nicole stole a wine glass from the pub just to prove how easy it is.
Brady doesn't think it's a big deal.
Hope thanks Justin for seeing the good in her.
Justin says, "You know how I feel about you."
Hope: "I know, I just need more time." (well that's a back pedal from shooting him down before)
She says that she's getting a focus on the person doing the muggings. Heehee. Clean your mirror then Hope, you'll get a much clearer picture.

E.J. has a little talk with Will. He looks contrite and when Sami walks in she looks confused.

Rafe is going to play exposition and explain to Anna what he thinks happened.

Anna is channeling Calliope now. "I don't know. I'm hungry." Ha! Anna used the room service delivery to escape. Didn't see that coming Rafe?

Nicole just transfered Arianna's finger print from the wine glass to a flashlight.
She calls Dr Baker to tells him that she's ready to frame Ari.

Brady tells Arianna that he's not sure he can live with her working with Nicole.
Justin tells Hope to get some sleep so she can look at the evidence with a clear mind.
Justin says be happy when Hope has more time for him and she says, "Goodnight" then he leaves and she takes her pills.

Dr Baker tells Nicole that they can't do anything until he clears it with his partner.

Sami: "Hey, Will? Giani asked me earlier when I was going to teach him how to play poker." She's so happy that he didn't say 'no' that she's got a far off look when E.J. walks in. She asked him what he said to Will. yep, E.J. is a saint.

Okay, Pull-Ups commercial...The package said, "Learning Design" if so, then why is it right side up? Do they think the kids sit with a Pull-Ups in their hands looking at the picture? No, they are looking at it upside down while they're wearing it. I don't get it!

Dr Baker asks Nicole if she really thinks setting Ari up will get her Brady.
Brady doesn't like Ari spending so much time with and talking about Nicole. She says, "There's not much she can do to us now is there?"

Dude, poker game! ... Sydney is giving the evil Eye to everyone at the table!
Anna promises again to tell Rafe who she was working with "for real this time" and he hands her her fork. Bad Rafe. Plus he's got Anna sitting between him and the door.

Sami and E.J. are sitting on the couch talking about the poker game. Sydney is sitting on Sami's lap and playing with poker chips.

Avenger leaves the house. Repeat Avenger is on the move.

E.J. tells Sami that he's found a contractor and is paying for the repairs to the penthouse. Giani pops up from behind the couch and points two fingers at E.J.'s head, "Hands up! F.B.I." E.J. freezes and Sami says, "It's just a game. It's just a kids game." Ha!

Anna is ragging on Rafe for being uncomfortable with E.J. being there for Sami.

Ari: "You can't handle me working with Nicole." "Are you so addicted to her that you can't even hear her name without wanting to use?"

Brady is not happy. Arianna leaves.
Will says that Giani is hyped up from Poke and has already arrested Will and Sydney's stuffed Bunny. Hehe.

Anna says that she's heard about witness protection and doesn't want to live in a tract house, that she has a style to which she's become accustomed. Rafe has a little outburst which scares Anna and now she's choking on her food. Who saw that one coming?

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