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Friday, May 14, 2010

Days: Friday, May 14, 2010

We start off with Sami and E.J. Sami to E.J. "It's not about you." Uh, Sami have you even been listening to Will? It most certainly IS about E.J. at least to some extent!

Note to editor..... When running a re-cap scene from yesterday, do not omit the part where Rafe tells Calliope, "Don't do it." and makes her remember not to blow her cover.

How long is E.J. going to ride the borrowed grateful train of Sami 'owing' him for getting Sydney back?

Okay, when Anna said, "I'm gonna run of course." She sounded just like Calliope!

Will is confronting Kate about Maddie. Maddie is telling Chad that he can't stay in town and go to Salem U.

Okay, Sami going on and on about how guilty she feels for lying to E.J. is annoying. It can't even be compelling and make me want to feel bad for her, because she's guilty about hurting E.J. but not about what she did.
At least with Chloe she's devastated about what she did, and that she did it as a gut reaction without trusting Daniel.

Okay, direction win! You can see Brady and Arianna in the window behind Nicole while she's talking to Dr Baker.

Will to Kate re: Maddie, "It was very smooth though, the way you changed the subject." I love Will!

Aaawww. Chad is getting all shaky voiced cause he's upset that hi mom is pushing him to leave town. Crap, now I have to like Chad.

I'm sorry Sami, but in just about every category Rafe beats E.J. wake up sweetie!

When setting someone up for murder, it might be a good idea to pick a target who isn't dating a former agent and isn't the sister of a current FBI agent. Just sayin' Nicole's getting herself into soooo much trouble.Rafe's FBI helper has Calliope in cuffs. :( Rafe's got Anna and Calliope in the same room and he's got an offer for them. He's going to let them go free if Anna gives up her accomplice. Aw, Anna is upset that Calliope lied about Eugene having left her.
Anna: "I don't know what is the matter with you, because I'm supposed to be the one who is selfish."
Calliope: "Can't you just focus on all the hems I did for you in the middle of the night?" Aawww. "Hasta la vista...Anna."
Anna: "Hasta la.....never." Poor Anna lost her friend.
Is Calliope gone for now?
It was fun Arlene!!!

Nicole: "Sorry to interrupt your lunch hour. Or ...three."

Kate: "I know the Peterson-Woods, you know from charity events, golf tournaments. We move in the same circles."
Will is sooooooooooooooo not buying it!

Sami walks into Java and sees Kate and Will talking and turns to bolt out of the door. Kate stops her and tells her to talk to Will. Aaawww I love Kate!
Will: "Hanging out with my mom, not cool."
Um, and honestly, not matter how hot your grandmother may be, when you put it in familial terms, hanging out with is not cool either. Plus your mom looks like your sister, and hanging with your sister is okay, right?

Rafe is very good at his job. Wish he wasn't a Sami doormat though. He's getting better!

Anna: "So you love Sami?"
Rafe: "I do."
Anna: "Then you're a fool."
Aww, Anna, I fear you're right.

Will calling Sami out again. Seriously it is disrespectful, but Sami hasn't listened at ALL when he's said it before.

Kate and Maddie are left alone!!!!!!!!

Brady sits down with Sami, and she immediately can tell he's seen Nicole because of the tension in him.
Brady tells her that he and Ari set a wedding date, and then he gets annoyed with her ragging on Nicole.

Ha! Flub alert....
When Arianna was talking to Nicole she glanced up and did a camera check with her eyes to see if they were cutting or continuing after her line about Brady.
Stefano has seen Giani wearing his FBI jacket! He's not happy, but he's very good with Giani.

Nicole and Arianna want each other to quit so they don't have to work together. If Arianna remains smart, Nicole just gave her a warning hint. "Trust me if I wanted to get rid of you, I'd be much more creative."

Kate and Maddie in the park!!!!
Kate: "Okay, we're alone. What do you want?"
Maddie: "My son wants to stay here to go to school."
Kate: "That's my problem how?"
Kate: "You're a strong independent woman..." do I sense loooove
They are bickering a LOT!
Maddie: "I know one thing. Once a whore, always a whore."
Kate: "And it takes one to know one doesn't it ... Maddie?"
Yup I'm sensing lots of tension (read as "smittension" hehehe)

Arianna and Nicole are drinking wine.
Arianna: "Are you going to be okay to go on the air later?"
Nicole: "I'm fine. I've only had half a bottle.(off Ari's look) 3/4?... 7/8?"
Dr Baker calls Ari anonymously with a tip and gets her away from the table. Nicole jumps up and takes Ari's glass as 'exhibit 1' when Ari gets back Nicole looks very guilty.

Stefano is upset because Anna missed her scheduled check-in.

Rafe is grilling Anna. She's overly chipper and not giving him anything.

Previews: More Stefano/E.J./Sami/Rafe/Anna story on Monday....
Crystal.......... we love you, but NBC needs to stop giving you so much time off!

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