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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Days: Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chloe looks all sweet and innocent sleeping.

Oh, she's so guilt ridden. Daniel is going to completely flip a lid when he finds out it was Vivian.

Vivian: "If i can pretend not to kill Carly he can pretend to want to marry me."
Victor to Maggie: "People think you're nice, but you're not."

Mel's shirt is cute today.

Oh awesome! Giani just got a tiny FBI jacket from Rafe! E.J. is not happy.

Calliope is freaking out and Rafe wants her to stop talking.
Anna's hangover remedy looks like fruit punch and tobasco sauce. Hehe.

Sami just called Giani 'Secret Agent Dimera.' Sami, babe. I don't think those are words you'll EVER hear again. Unless Rafe comes back (which I was soooo typing before Giani's line! ) He doesn't want to play 'Secret Agent' anymore because ..."It isn't the same without Rafe."

Sami to E.J. re: Giani: "We could get him a mobster jacket, then you'd be even." Hahahaha! E.J. needs to stop pouting!

How is it that Chloe and Daniel can keep talking and still say nothing.
Mia said she was thinking of moving to New York and studying dance. So that's where she'll end up.
Wow! Maddie is determined to keep Chad away from Will and the Dimeras! What's going on?

E.J. I don't think that you calling Rafe to thank him for the FBI jacket is the same as 'extending an olive branch'. It's you trying to keep tabs and I'm glad Sami dismissed the idea with snark.

Calliope to Rafe: "I'm semi-happily married. I'm not hitting on you, but I've got to tell you...Your eyes could melt the Yukon!" Seeeeeee that's the same thing I thought on Venice when Owen and Sami were on their date. Galen's eyes are quite amazing!

Sami just heard Calliope's voice, but hasn't placed her yet. Now she feels all depressed at being brushed off in lieu of Rafe's investigation.

Daniel is having to coax Chloe into telling him what she wants to tell him. Ah, he's figured it out. Or at least he's leading us to believe that he has. We'll see.

Mr Woods is not as concerned as Maddie when it comes to telling Chad what to do. What?!?! Is he having Chad followed?
Anna's cucumbers are slipping!

I think it's funny that E.J. is a little defensive about Rafe possibly being in love with Sami. Um, yeah I seem to remember this scene with Rafe standing in for E.J. a few months ago.

Okay, Um... Daniel is right, Chloe couldn't talk to him, but he's wrong because he only thinks that Chloe talked to Philip. Doh!

Aw, Anna wants to travel to world with Calliope! Hehehehe. Calliope said, "No" aaawwww!

I think E.J. is right, it's going to be hard for Giani to explain what his father and grandfather do to his school mates. Sami, E.J. is NOT I repeat NOT a "Great Guy" (sorry, but she needed that!)

Yeah Daniel, Chloe actually believes that you'd leave her for talking to Philip. :-/

Aw, Mel, "I was just seeing if my dad was on duty, but he wasn't."
Uh, sorry, Mel just said, "It's a slippery slope" and ... yeah... sorry, I will never hear that phrase without thinking of Jessica Leccia again. Oddly, I don't actually think about her from that movie, just that those two words are now associated with her in my mind.

Aw, Anna wants to fix Calliope's IRS problems. So sweet!

Since Mia is leaving, can Ti move with her? Please, pleasepleaseplease? I do not like that guy.
Aw, Chad doesn't want to go to Wake Forrest. Why? Mia's moving, so is he staying for Gabby or for Will? Hehehehe.

Vivian said she pushed up the wedding date and Victor does a spit take! Classic!

Anna: "You said yourself that is was fate that brought us together."
Calliope: "It's not fate it's ....."
Rafe in her earwig: "Don't do it."
Calliope: " .... I can't tell you!"
Anna is trying to comfort her and hugs her and finds her mic pack.

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