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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Days: Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aaww, Mel is making a care package for Maggie while she's in the hospital. She wants to make sure that she's got her own things. Mel loves her so much she chokes up when Philip is talking about all the people at the hospital who will take care of Maggie. She says that when she first came to town she wasn't expecting any of this, she didn't have anyone. She says that now she has a Maggie, a mother a father and Philip. She says that she's got four people that she can trust no matter what. Philip has a hook-up flashback, but the point is, that she named Carly as one of the people that she can trust no matter what!!!! :)

Carly and Dr Dan are sitting on the bench at the park. Daniel says, "You know what's weird?" Completely deadpan, Carly says, "We're in Salem. Everything's weird." Ha! :) He just giggles a little bit and then goes on to talk to her about when he and Chloe first met. Aww. He says that he still feels that pull but that now he can't seem to make it work like before. He says that it's like he has this great sports car and that no matter how careful he is he always grinds the gears. Carly says, "You're such a guy." Daniel says that Chloe is so feminine he talks about things not meshing anymore. He stands up in thought and says that Chloe resents him for suggesting that she go to therapy. Carly says, "Well you know, that's awfully feminine of her because a guy would welcome a suggestion like that." Heehee, Carly snark. :) She's being such a good friend. Daniel says that Chloe doesn't trust him anymore because he was such a jerk during the whole pregnancy thing. She says he wasn't a jerk (Um, sorry, I have to disagree, he kind of was. at the very least he was inattentive and a little self absorbed, okay, carry on...) that he and Chloe just got gut-punched by life. He ponders Chloe's new focus on Carly and starts to call it a crazy conspiracy theory when Carly interrupts him bringing up again that fact that they are in Salem so maybe it's not so crazy.

Okay, costume note: The shot over Chloe's shoulder of her and Vivian talking is a little odd. Chloe's outfit is bright and distracting, but to also have Vivian's own bright and distracting dress in the frame too is like a 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' flashback shot.

Arianna got a message that Nicole checked out the camera equipment (which is Arianna's job) without her and is on her way to stop Nicole.

Carly is reminding Daniel of what Chloe went through with the hysterical pregnancy and that he loves her and that she loves him.

Vivian is whispering hypnotically to Chloe like she's a child, telling her that Carly has a power over men and that she's the problem with everything in Chloe's life.

Avenger tells Dr Baker that he better get Nicole under control. :) She follows him 'cause.

Daniel gets a call from Melanie and Carly tells her to take the call. Mel is all flustered and he calmly talks it out of her. She's worried about Maggie and wants Daniel to check on her. Aw. Daniel tells Carly that he has to go, she offers to go with him and he abruptly stops her. She asks if he's mad at her, he says no, that he's just worried about Chloe.

Chloe says that she doesn't like Carly, but that this mess is her own fault. Vivian says, Carly must be blamed for everything.

Avenger gets a call from Ciara who is home in bed while Avenger is stalking Dr Baker and Nicole.

Dr Baker explains to Nicole that Avenger won't attack Arianna, Nicole explains that she's changed her plan and wants to frame Arianna.

Mel apologizes to Daniel for pulling hi away from Chloe time. He explains that he wasn't with Chloe. Mel is worried that he and Chloe are fighting and lets him know that Philip told him about the hysterical pregnancy. She asks if it was wrong of Philip to tell her, and he says he just didn't know that Philip and Chloe were that close.

Avenger is telling Ciara that she's sorry she wasn't there when she woke up, but that she had to work.

Avenger walks into the foyer while Brady and Arianna are talking about Nicole. Avenger says that it's going to be a war because Nicole give up. Then she says that they can all learn something from Nicole. You can tell by her face that Arianna thinks probably not.

Philip meets up with Chloe, she's going on about how it's her fault and that she needs to tell Daniel. Philip is very against it and tells her to think about what it would do to Mel and Daniel. Chloe figures out that his motivation is most likely what it would do to him.

Carly tells Vivian that she was thinking about her. Vivian is like, what? Carly says that she was thinking about infectious diseases and Vivian's name popped up. Hehehe. Then she remembers a professor in college who said they don't go away, you have to kill them.

Chloe backtracks on her assessment of Philips intentions.

Avenger turns the conversation on Brady saying that Arianna "the poor girl" doesn't stand a chance if Brady is still carrying a torch for Nicole.

Arianna called the station and tells Brady that she's not going in that she is going to spend the night with him. Good answer Arianna.

Carly, "Infections can be dormant, did you know that?" she goes on to say that a good doctor monitors things to make sure they don't get out of hand. She tells Vivian that she is a good doctor. Heehee. I love the way she threatens! :D

Avenger asks Ciara about a boy at school and Ciara says that he was mean to her and he is now friends with Sadie. Avenger quirks her eyebrow and says that that's the problem with people, they can hurt you.

Chloe is going to confess to Daniel.... Um, I'm betting not. They've still got several months to milk this plot point.

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