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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Days: Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11

Carly is leaving Adrienne's apt and runs into Chloe. Carly is still trying to figure out what Chloe's so angry about. Chloe isn't so much with the explaining. Hotel guy is talking to himself at The Cheatin' Heart and Dr Dan grabs his lapels and says to tell him who made him lie.

Viv is at the hospital and Maxine stops her. Viv is looking for Victor and Maxine says that he doesn't want to be disturbed. Viv threatens Maxine and Max points her to Maggie's room. Vivian listens at the door.

Arianna is on the couch and Brady has his head in her lap, she's stroking his hair. Mmmm. I bet that feels good. I love it when people play with my hair. Relaxes me, outs me to sleep. Love having my hair shampooed and the stylist too. :)

Nicole confronts Baker who puts on an Aussie accent. She wants to know why he's alive since she framed his obit, and he wants to know why she's not in prison "You little baby thief!" Hehehe. good times. :)

Carly is still in the dark with Chloe. She won't tell Carly anything other than that her little plan failed.

Hotel Guy has figured out why Daniel is questioning him. He still maintains that he doesn't know Chloe.

Maggie tells Victor, "Please, no more thanks." Vivian walks into the room and says, "I agree" she's very suspicious of Maggie and Victor. Hehehe. And Jealous too. :D She tried to get Victor to leave with her but he won't because he and Maggie are in the middle of a conversation.

Brady needs to go to the police station, Arianna wants to go with him.

Avenger is getting dressed to go play and sees Ciara stir in bed. She pauses until Ciara goes back to sleep.

Dr Baker says that he was 'dead-ish' Nicole says, "Dead-ish?" He says, "I was a version of dead." Ha! lmao

Daniel is getting frustrated with Hotel Guy and getting now where.

Victor tells Vivian to leave Maggie's room and she finally does.

Hotel Guy is not happy with Vivian about Daniel manhandling him. He's warning her that Dr Dan is not going to stop digging. He says that he's leaving Salem for good.

Dr Dan calls Chloe as she's walking into the hospital. Vivian eavesdrops.... surprised? :)

Nicole: "If you don't tell me how you went from dead to undead..." he starts trying to placate her. She yells, "How come you're not dead?!?" ... flashback I think he 'didn't kill' himself on Santo Domingo. That room looks a lot like Arianna's room where she and Brady went for their almost wedding. He injected himself with a drug that slowed his heart rate to make him appear dead. Nicole tells Dr Baker they still have to discuss his more recent activities. He starts to deny and she holds up the money clip. Oops. Busted! :D

Chloe is paranoid that Carly is poisoning Daniel against her when he changes their dinner plans. Poor Chloe.

Roman tells Brady and Arianna that the tri-swirl is a sign of female empowerment.

Carly runs into Avenger at the park. Avenger: "Hey! Hi. :)"
Carly: "Hope?!?" I don't want to deal with this right now on top of Chloe.
Avenger: "Carly, it is so good to see you. :)"
Carly: "Hhhuuuhuhuh." You know that little whimper, I'm dealing with a psycho and have to tread lightly not really a word noise that Crystal does so well? Yep, that one. She just did that. Hehehe. Then she tilts her head to either side, "It's good to see you too, but I really should be going."
She starts walking again and Avenger puts her hand up to stop her. Carly automatically stops and takes a step back.
Avenger: "Wait, not yet. I was really hoping that we could talk, chat for a couple of minutes."
Carly: Here it comes. "You wanna chat?"
Avenger looks wounded by the implication, "Yeah. Look I know. I know, we have definitely had our issues, but I've really been thinking about that. A lot lately, and..."
Carly: "And....?"
Avenger: "Well, I can honestly say with all my heart that I don't hate your guts anymore. You're a decent well meaning person, and I can see that." Carly gives the 'fair enough' eyebrow raise. Avenger says, "I'm sorry, it's just that you look shocked."
Carly is mouth agape for a second trying to form the right words, "Uh. Why wouldn't I be?"
Avenger: "Haven't you ever changed your opinion of someone?"
Carly! :hug She's trying so hard to not spook the obviously crazy person. She keeps her tone even, "I have. I absolutely have. But not quite so suddenly."
Avenger: "There's nothing sudden about this. Like I said I've given it a lot of thought."
Carly I need to get out of here NOW. "I see."
Avenger: "And I realized that I have ... judged you...so unfairly. And I'm sorry. Truly. I'm being sincere. I'm not playing a game here."
Carly: "Okay, so you say that you judged me unfairly. Does that mean that..."
Avenger: "It means that I ... I no longer blame you for what happened with my husband. Not in the least."
Carly isn't buying it but is cautious.: "That's quite the 180."
Avenger (waaay too smiley): "Well like I said. I've had a change of heart."
Carly: "Attributable to what?"
Avenger: "Well I guess you could say that ... I have finally gotten some perspective on things. Figure out where the blame really lies."
Carly give the eyebrow again. She's trying to figure out what's going on. I think she might crack this case open before the Salem PD does. :D

Nicole to Dr Baker: " At least now I know what you've been up to 'you who should be dead'" lol

Roman has to leave the station to take care of something. Arianna and Brady say that they'll wait there. Arianna and Brady are fighting about Nicole again.

Baker lets it slip to Nicole that his partner is the one who cal the shots and that it's a 'she'. :)

Carly: "So you feel the blame lies with...?"
Avenger: "With Bo. I mean, he's the one who did this to me. It's all on him."
Carly: laughs, but not incredulously, mustn't scare the crazy person: "Hope? Have you talked to Bo about this, your 'change of heart'?"
Avenger: "No. Why would I? Why does it matter?"
Carly: "Why would you? I.... Honestly I don't feel comfortable talking about this knowing you haven't told him."
Avenger: "Then you tell him."
Carly: "Me?"
Avenger: "Or not. Whatever." glances at watch "Oh, listen I've got to get going. I don't want to be late. If you ever want to get together again and chat some more, I would love that. So, um. Just give me a ring. Carly, thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it." She hugs Carly. "Thank you."
Carly is completely stunned and is trying to work our what the h e double hockey sticks just happened when Daniel comes jogging past. Carly thinks that Chloe told Daniel about the run-in in the hall. Daniel tells Carly that there is no truth to what Chloe is saying, that she's dead wrong. Chloe of course over hears 'cause she's lurking about the shrubs in the park.

Dr Baker tells Nicole to lay off a bit and she threatens to turn him into the cops.

Daniel is upset that he doesn't know what's going on with Chloe. Carly puts her hand on his arm to calm him. Chloe walks away before C and D finish talking.

Maggie and Victor are doing more friend bonding. :)

Gus calls Vivian with news that she may have hit the jackpot.

More Arianna and Brady arguing. He kisses her quiet. Nicole walks in and is not happy.

Daniel tells Carly about Chloe's hysterical pregnancy and that she's probably feeling off balance since it happened right before Carly told him about Melanie.

Dr Baker tells Avenger that it's over. Then she says that it's not because no one will suspect her, but that he's on his own now.

Vivian tries to convince Chloe that they can help each other in dealing with Carly. Chloe needs to keep looking at her all suspicious like.

Nicole calls Dr Baker with a plan and tells him that she won't turn him in if his next victim is Arianna Hernandez. Ha!

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