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Monday, May 10, 2010

Days: Monday, May 10, 2010

Nicole told Dr Baker that she's got everything under control in her plan to frame Arianna.

Hope and Abe talking about the muggings. Heehee.

Mel and Nathan talking. He thinks that he knows what she's going to say. Hmm? I bet not.

Calliope and Anna. Hehehe. With the way Anna is swaying drunk and Calliope is bouncing the camera around I swear Rafe is going to get motion sickness. Anna thinks that Calliope followed her to SpaIsland. :)

Sami is working the knots out of E.J.'s shoulder. She's hurting him. Hehe. I love that shade of yellow that Sami is wearing! They need to stop looking at each other like that. Oh, Will walks in on them almost kissing. :D

Victor is trying to help Maggie and to get her to tell the family that her illness is back.

Anna said Calliope has been digging like a ferret. She wants to know who put her up to it. "Roman? Carrie? You're gonna sell my story to the tabloids!" Uh, nope. Guess again. :)

Will is NOT happy about what he walked in on.

Arianna tells Brady that he's not planning on going home, that he's planning on finding the person who mugged him. He says she's right, and for Ari not to fight him. She said, "I won't fight you, I'll join you."

Hope shows Abe a picture of the tri-spiral on Brady's chest. Hehehe. This is fun.

Calliope is trying to convince Anna that she's never sell her out to the tabloids. She's suspicious that she's been talking the whole time and Calliope hasn't said anything. Anna, "When did you start working for the cops?" Calliope looks like

Maggie calls Hope to let her know that Ciara can't stay with her (cause Maggie's at the hospital) Abe says that he'd let Ciara stay with them if Theo didn't have chicken pox. Hope doesn't want the nanny sleeping over because Ciara has been acting odd lately. Um, Hope, surprise, but she's been left unattended at night for the past few weeks! :)

Mel tells Nathan that she thinks that he and Steph are going a little too fast. She's trying to protect him from a daddy trap without actually telling him about it.

Anna tells Calliope that she can leave if she wants and she will unless Calliope starts talking.

Arianna reasons that if she's with Brady then he'll be safe since the mugger only goes after guys when they're alone.

Nicole is "Dee Wilson from Chicago" in order to get into the poser game. (Which by the way, is housed in the same little room that Vivian had Gus take Carly to and where Hope got knocked out.

Calliope tells Anna that she's a mess and that fate brought her to the SpaIsland. She tells Anna that Eugene ran off with a belly dancer, and that she's so happy that she ran into Anna.

Stefano wants to know what's wrong with E.J. he says, 'Nothing' Stefano takes that to mean Sami.

Will asked Sami if she has feelings for E.J. she says, "Yeah, maybe I do." Dude we all could have told you that! lol

Steph thinks Mel told Nathan about the birth control pills which she didn't. Now Nathan says he doesn't need Mel's advice.

Ari and Brady are arguing again. Ari says, "When I saw her (Nicole) her blouse was unbuttoned, what was I supposed to think?" Brady says, "When? When are you going to start believing me and not her?" They keep going around in circles, but at least they're talking.

Nicole cleaned the table in poker and one of the guys paid her with the money clip that he got from Dr Baker. Brady's money clip.

Rafe looks bored watching Calliope and Anna. :)

Sami just told Will that E.J. is not a guy he should hate. "Will gratitude is not the same thing as love. I am not in love with him..... God! I am not lying!" Will: "Yes you are, because every time you get bent out of shape like that you're not telling the truth. You. Are. Lying." Seriously, he's being disrespectful, but Sami really needs to hear this. Really hear it.

Hope reads Ciara a bedtime story and then takes her meds. I don't think the sleeping pills are helping her sleep. :D

Nicole asks Charlie (poker guy) where he got the money clip. Nicole pulls out a camcorder and tells Charlie that the clip is stolen property which makes him an accessory after the fact. He freaks.

Mel is upset about Maggie and Maggie is grateful that Victor was there to help her. Mel is not happy, she's very worried. She's going to be relying on Carly more I bet.

Sami says that when you love someone and they call you a liar it hurts. Will says when you love someone and they lie to you whenever they please that hurts too.

Sami is all teary and tells Will that she's there for Will not because she misses Rafe or is in love with E.J.

Nathan says that he's crazy about Stephanie. Me, not so much. :-/

Mel wants Maggie to let her drive her home. She's checking Maggie's chart. :) She's so sweet, and is so much like her mother! :) Maggie asks her if she wants to talk about what's making her sad. Mel climbs up on Maggie's bed to tell her that she could have told Nathan something that would have made him break up with Stephanie right then and didn't. Maggie says that she's proud of her for taking the high road and asks if she can do it again with Victor, cut him a wee little break, give him a chance.

Anna tells Calliope that the Anna DiMera that she knew is gone for good now that Tony died. Anna says, "I didn't kidnap little Sydney all on my lonesome." Calliope tries to get a name from her, but Anna passes out before she can name names. Rafe is frustrated. :)

Brady says that it's very late and he's not going mugger hunting tonight. He wants to concentrate on Ari. Ari says that she's thinking the same thing. They kiss. :)

Mel thanks Victor for helping Maggie. She says that she's okay with it if he wants to go in and sit with Maggie. :) Aawaww, and he goes into Maggie's room and thanks her for talking to Mel.

E.J. tells Sami that Rafe isn't coming back. She says that she knows that but that it doesn't mean that there is anything between the two of them.

Charlie leads Dr Baker back to the Hideout where Nicole is waiting. Hehehehehehe.

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