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Friday, May 7, 2010

Days: Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm very intrigued by Kate and Maddie's history, and their scene in the park was ...... not exactly helpful in making past love interest speculation go away.
Need more Carly. How about this NBC? We acknowledge that Crystal needs some days off, so hows about when the need arises you fill in the holes with some Classic Carly stuff.
Chichen Itza anyone?

Opening on Nathan and Stephanie kissing does not a happy Christi make.
Ooooo! Rae the homeless woman is getting checked out by Mel. She has Steph's birth control pills! Hehehehehe.
This is gonna be fun! (Or at least has to potential to be.)

Ha! I love that Calliope thought Sydney was Stefano's wife! Anna and Calliope are fun!

Rae wants to see Cinnamon. Heehee. Cinnamon is her invisible cat.
And Mel has found Stephanie's pills. Dun duh dunn!
Okay, Maggie's comment of "Stephanie, you're practically glowing." Doesn't work if she JUST decided half an hour ago to stop taking them.

Ha! Nathan and Stephanie walk into Rae's room and Mel makes sure she's hanging on to the pills.
It was a very cute convo with Mel and Rae too.

There is sooo much 'bling' in the drinks that Calliope and Anna are drinking that I'm surprised that there is much drink left! I liked Calliope's comment earlier. "I'm all ears....and earrings."

Soooo Rafe just got a a taped confession of Anna telling Calliope that she kidnapped the baby and doesn't regret it.
I'm thinking that Rafe is waiting to see if she implicates some one else ::coughE.J.cough:: too. Calliope is very good at this.

Uh, Anna said, "How strange we would both end up here. In the Same 'expiration' free country. "Did she mean, 'extradition' or am I missing one of the definitions of 'expiration'? Now Calliope has a hair appointment. Now if it is extradition free then Rafe will need to get Anna to go back on her own in order to prosecute her. I'm guessing he's banking on her rolling over right away.

Sami is nervous about getting into a swimsuit in front of ... people. (read E.J.)

Okay, I think scenes with Crystal have really brought up Molly's game.
This scene with Stephanie is just killing me! I'm loving Mel's easy calm here. Especially her laugh after Stephanie says, "We want to be together!" Then Mel laughs and says, "This week!"

Uh.............. um? ............. If E.J. has a sore shoulder and can't take Giani swimming, ............ then ............. Why is he holding him?

Calliope may have pushed Anna a little too hard now.

Sami looks at the robe that E.J. is holding out like she doesn't want to let him help her, but that she can't take the robe and put it on herself. Like it's let him help or 'no robe for you!'

Mel under her breath re: Steph, "You don't know her that well."
Brady: "What?"
Mel: "You don't look... well. I should go."
Brady doesn't know women AT ALL does he?

Maggie and Victor are talking. They're going to be reluctant friends. He's about to enter into yet another business marriangement and will need a sane person to talk to.

I like Calliope saying "I just have a hard time believing that you'd kidnap a baby. Who put you up to it?"

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