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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Days: Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stefano and Kate are home.
Stefano is unsure about Kate being so compliant about Sami and the kids moving in.
He says that he has noticed that she's been a little edgy. She says that it's not Sami and he figures out that it's her run-in with Madeline.
He tells her to keep Maddie in the past where she belongs.
Maddie and Chad are eating at the pub and Gabby comes up to wait on them.
They both greet her and Gabby says hello to Mrs Woods which Maddie jumps on and corrects her, "It's Peterson-Woods" Ha! What is she trying to say? She's very attached to her maiden name. ::sing song voice:: Wonder whyyyy?

Okay I have to say that I don't like that Rafe has made Calliope so uncomfortable but I do like that he has a plan.

Oh, Rafe is holding the very real IRS troubles over Calliope and Eugene.
Calliope: "You are not nice. Good looking, but not nice."

E.J. is trying to get Sami to say/admit that she moved in to Casa Dimera not just to be with the kids, but to be close to him too.

Kate's looking through a photo album! Aw, she found a picture of her and Maddie. "Why did I save this?" Because you looooooove her. Heehee.

Gabby asks Arianna if she can help.
Arianna: "My boyfriend is in the hospital, my boss is a bitch and I don't know where my brother is. Got anything that'll fix that?"
Sure Ari. I big hug from your sister and a night of watching movies and sisterly bonding. They never spend sister time together on this show.

Chad thinks his mom might go back and ask Gabby about Chad spending time with Will. I'm guessing she actually goes back to Casa Dimera. They just can't stay away from each other.

Aw, Will grabbed some school work that has the Maddie/Kate picture in it.

Holy product placement/infomercial with Arianna and the Midol.
Is that to point out that she's not pregnant? I'm guessing that means that she may end up being. Salem can't have any more babies there are too many adult children as it is!

Ha! Giani is a Go-Fish shark!

Hey look it's a Midol commercial.
A real one. They just said everything that Arianna said. Seriously word for word!

Heehee. Chad and Will are going to find the picture of Maddie and Kate.

Uh oh. Calliope is in Anna's room and Anna is not. She needs to stop moving so quickly she's going to give Rafe motion sickness through that buttonhole cam she's wearing.

Gabby: "So. I'm off work. Are you still scary?" Nice Gabby, nice. FYI NBC, this is not the kind of sisterly bonding to which I was referring.

Calliope is wired and has the top of her dress pulled out and is talking into her chest.
Anna walks in just as she says, "You still better help me with me tax problems."

Chad is confronting his mom about having been friends with Kate and trying to keep him from being friends with Will.
Maddie on the phone: "Kate, Madeline." Aw, I like the sound of those two names together. Heehee.

Sami needs to quit apologizing to Will about things that aren't upsetting him and fix the things that are. Or even acknowledge that they are wrong.
Hahahahah! Will: "You're living in this house with E.J. and the next thing I know, you're gonna be pregnant with another one of his kids!" Thank you Will.
Again, wrong and disrespectful coming from her child, but it's stuff she really needs to hear.

Will wanted Rafe to be his daddy. Aw.

Kate: "All right, I'm here. What do you want, ... Maddie?"
Maddie: "Don't call me 'Maddie'. What the hell are you doing giving a picture of us to your grandson?"
Okay, seriously. They were sooo a couple!
I don't know that that park has ever seen so many sparks. If they would stop with the looks we wouldn't even be having these speculations.

Kate: "I took the photo out of the album so I could tear it up and get rid of it."
Kate: "What did you tell Chad?"
Maddie: "That I was a lawyer at your firm's..."
Hmm? The way the were both turned away from each other during that exchange.... So past lovers style. I wish Maddie would quit bringing up how it's going to affect Stefano too.

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