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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Days: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vivian and Victor are all 'doting grandparents' over Brady
Arianna immediately crawls up into Brady's hospital bed when she walks in the room.

Aaaww, Hope overslept. Wonder why?

Yay! Calliope! Arleen Sorkin! Party time!

E.J. and Samie are way too coupley.

Roman isn't all excited about Sami having picked up E.J. from the hospital. I'm guessing he's going to be even less thrilled now that she just told him she's moving into Casa Dimera.

Love Kate's 'Gibson Girl' style jacket!

Victor: "My grandson has been beaten and marked."
Vivian: "My god. To be branded like a steer."
Victor: "A bull."
Vivian: "What? It really happened."
And, peeps. It was lipstick! It's not like his flesh was seared with a branding iron.

Uh oh!
Hope just accused Ciara of going through her things and leaving them on the floor.
Hope: "But if it wasn't you, then who else?"
Ciara: "You mommy." Exactly!

Anna wants to know why Calliope made such an effort to get to the remote spa including the requisite llama.
Calliope didn't know that they spit.
Did some one put Calliope up to the trip.
Also she said, 'we' had to take a single engine plane.
Is she there with someone (Jennifer maybe?)

Ciara: "You believe me. Right mommy?"
Hope: "Of course I do." Liar.
Roman calls to tell Hope that the mugger attacked again.
He says that their "mugger friend" is targeting people they both know. He doesn't mention the "mark."

Brady: "The police are looking into it."
Victor: "What police, Bo's out of town."

Calliope: "I still can't believe I ran into you here. This place is empty."
80s dress flashblack of Calliope and Anna. Fun times.

Anna is extremely suspicious of Caliope's intentions/arrival.
Aw, Calliope and Eugene are trying to run/hide from the IRS.

I think Anna doesn't think she's as inconspicuous with Calliope hanging around. Couldn't imagine why. lol

Vivian and Victor are tag-team business handling.
She's going to take notes at the board meeting for him.

Arianna told Nicole that if she upsets Brady she has to deal with her.
Nicole is unimpressed.

Brady is wearing the Hugh Hefner cut hospital gown.

Sami doesn't believe that Kate is all cool with having the grandkids in the house.
Kate is concerned about the fact that Will left Sami's house and then she followed him. She's not sure that Stefano took Will's feelings into account.
Aww, and a little creepy.

Anna tells Calliope that it's too hard and hurts too much to have her there, because she's still getting over Tony.
Um.... sure. We'll see how long that flies.

Rafe had to 'leave on business' for an unknown amount of time so that Sami would be unwilling to wait for him. He should be showing up with Anna and Calliope soon.

Brady is apologizing for being so hard on Nicole. Uh, Okay.

Brady just offered to give Nicole and interview.
She said, "No. I know when to draw the line."

Roman just told Victor that if he's so concerned then maybe he can help the PD out with info.
Wow! Roman thought that the 'mark' on Brady's chest might be gang art. Really Roman? Gang art? Um, yeah if the Bratz decided to start rolling people!

Arianna says that the news division got an order from high up int he company to NOT cover Brady's mugging.
So Nicole needs to call in for her next assignment. Then she says that she's taking the day off to stay with Brady. Vivian is stalking. Isn't she supposed to be taking notes in a very boring board meeting right now?

Calliope is really lonely and doesn't want to leave Anna, even if Anna is going to get a hot stone massage.

Hope is there to take Brady's statement.
She says that she's closer to making an arrest because of the tri-spiral. Um... okay?

Vivian approaches Arianna. I swear that woman needs to be carrying a basket of apples!

Oh! Nicole just got assigned to investigate an underground gambling ring.

Aw! There's Rafe! he's the one who brought Calliope to Anna.
I'm loving Rafe so very very much!
I'm hoping he pegs Avenger the first 10 minutes he's back in town.

Nicole and Avenger? Avenger has NO idea who Nicole is. Baker is in so much trouble. He needs to leave town or hide in plain sight as a homeless person.

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