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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Days: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nathan wants a quiet night at home with Steph. Be careful Nathan. USE protection!

Gabby just reamed out Nicole: "You're used up. You're done."
Nicole: "I'm Nicole Dimera. I'm never done." Heheh.

Avenger just ripped open Brady's shirt. Um.... I'm not sure I'm comfortable with where this is going.

I missed a Carly scene! >:( I'm never talking to co-workers again!

Mel is apologizing to Philip for asking questions about Chloe and being possessive. Mel. Stop apologizing.

Chloe is shrieking. She's lost it. Carly tries to leave, but she stops her.

Baker: "Is this gonna get freaky now?"

Carly is trying so hard to be rational and get Chloe to talk to her. It's not working. Chloe is completely freaked out and honestly thinks that Carly is evil and trying to take Daniel from her.
I kind of feel sorry for Chloe. She's not coming from a place of underhandedness. She really fears that Carly is a threat.
Okay, I know it's weird, but Chloe needs a

Nicole should not be talking about Brady 'seeing the light' while he's unconscious.
Uh, Avenger left her mark? This can't be good.

Wow! Chloe just told Daniel what she thought/was misled to believe what had happened.

Nicole and Gabi are funny and yet boring at the same time.
Gabi: "Do you ever wonder how many sneezers you must get?"

Daniel is trying to correct Chloe, but what he really needs to do it listen to her and try to figure it out. ......
And Chloe JUST told him as much. Ha!

Hug her Daniel!
Hug her now! (Chloe is still reeling from her feelings of abandonment when Daniel told her to go to therapy, but was too pre-occupied with Carly and Mel and work to actually BE there for her or offer to go WITH her to therapy.)

Avenger and Baker are just hanging out talking about Brady.
Avenger has no idea who he is.
How is it that she knows that she's a detective, but she doesn't remember anyone that Hope knows?
Avenger re: Baker: "Sometimes I think he lies." Really? Really Avenger?

Nicole to Gabi: "So you're mad at me, but don't take it out on poor defenseless Martinis."

Brady stumbles into the pub shirt half open. I'm not thinking that he's just come from a BeeGees concert.

Oh. Wrong step Daniel. "She hasn't done anything to warrant this kind of jealousy." Oh, she definitely needs at least a psychologist. Someone to talk to. But Daniel really needs to do it with her. I mean she was pretty much left to deal with an hysterical pregnancy on her own, which emotionally to her would be like a miscarriage.

Carly just cut Nicole off from the ER room that they took Brady to.

Gabby, good girl for calling Arianna. Smart thinking.
Nicole is watching through the little window in the door.

Roman is worried that the attacks might escalate.
Carly says, "You have a reason to worry Roman. The wounds are the same, but look at this."
Brady has a red lipstick tri-swirl painted on his chest, except that it's not really lipstick because it would have smeared with his shirt rubbing his chest.
Roman: "What's that?"
Carly: "Sick."
Carly: "He was probably already knocked out when the mugger got 'artistic'."
Now Roman suspects Nicole too. Hehehe

Philip just suggested to Mel that they give Daniel and Chloe some space and not see them as much so they can "work things out".

Chloe and Daniel are at the docks and Chloe sees the hotel desk clerk.
They confront him.
All he can say is, "What?" to all of their questions and then. "I'm never seen you before in my whole life."
Um I don't think Victor would approve of Vivian making Chloe go crazy since it's going to hurt Daniel.

Roman is calling Hope, but Avenger has worn her out. She's sleeping.
She just had a nightmare/image of Avenger stamping Brady with the tri-spiral.
She's catching on.

Seriously Chloe is breaking my heart with "You believe him and not me."
Which could easily come out whiny, but doesn't.

Aaaaaaand a very clean, homeless person with a bad hairdresser has found Stephanie's discarded birth control. Who saw that coming?

Carly: "What do you think those spirals mean?"
Heehee. I know! I know! - Triple Spiral: Represents the drawing of the three powers of maiden, mother and crone. It is a sign of female power and especially power through transition and growth. See more about the symbolism of spirals here. http://www.whats-your-sign.com/celtic-symbol-meanings.html

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