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Monday, May 3, 2010

Days: Monday, May 3, 2010

The beginning of May, What's in store? Chloe is going to be pregnant, I'm sure of it. I hope we get more Carly and less Carly Prop. I need some snark. Heehee.Oh yes. Definitely need to know more about Maddie and Kate!

Doh! Dr Baker's escape is foiled by Avenger.
He's very uncomfortable around her.

Carly and Mel scene!

Mel is in pink scrubs and Carly is in a red top. (Crystal looks good in red.)
Mel needs Carly's advice about Chloe.

Nathan asks Daniel where Chloe is.
Arianna and Brady are kissing on the couch at Victor's they're going to go 'swimming' but are distracted by a phone call.
Nicole is annoyed that no one is answering the phone.

Avenger: "Wo_ow." lol I like her attitude.

Hotel desk guy: "Who would want you to believe something that ain't so."
Chloe: "No, you're the one who told me something that wasn't true."
I wanted her to say, "ain't so." so badly!

Baker says he's not Avenger's partner that he doesn't even know her name.
Then he says that she's the cop who's rolling people, what's the deal.
She says she'll fill him in.
Us too please Ms Avenger ma'am!!!!

Gabby needs to talk to Arianna, that leaves Brady all hot and bother and no relief in sight just when Nicole is looking for him. To channel Evil Willow, 'Bored now.'

I want Avenger to give herself a name.

More Adrienne as a prop.

Ha! Avenger: "I am a cop. Detective actually. I've been assigned to investigate the muggings."
Baker: "Holy mother..."
Avenger: "Of God. ::smirk/eyebrow/smile:: I know." Kristian looks like she's having waaay too much fun with this!

Aw, Carly is talking to Bo. She's got 'smit' face. Sooo cute!

Mel: "I like Chloe. She's nice. But sometimes she looks at me weird."
Carly: "Granted I'm biased, but you are a funny, charming smart person and Chloe is lucky to have you in her life."
Mel: "But you think Chloe's good enough for him? You think she's going to make him happy?"
Carly: "I do."
Mel: "Then I'll let her into my heart and welcome her into the family because I want my father to be happy. I want that for both of my parents."
Carly: ::Cute little nose scrunch, trying not to smile as hugely as she wants to:: Crystal rocks!

Stephanie says that she's not going to let anyone come between her and happiness.

Philip tries to find the logic in Chloe's reasoning. Um. Keep trying Philip. She's still convinced that Carly had something to do with the motel thing.

Vivian is proud of herself. Gus is doubtful.

Nicole says that she wouldn't have interrupted when Brady was with Arianna, but the she saw her leave with Gabby.
Brady asked Nicole to leave yet again.
She says, "tell me you don't have feelings for me first."

Baker stands to walk out of the room. Avenger asks for the Cashier's check that Baker got with E.J.'s stolen money.
Baker: "Actually I have it, but I don't have it on me."
Avenger ::gun aimed at Baker::
He hands the check over and she tears it up.
He's like
She says, this has nothing to do with money.
He turns to leave and she grabs his arm and says all teary, "Don't go. I need you."
Seriously mental, and Kristian is really pulling out the stops for these scenes. It's good to have her back finally.

Nathan's getting the "I know you have feelings for my daughter." speech from both of Mel's parents.

Aw, Carly is all sniffley "That means a lot to me that you want me to be happy."
Mel: "All the times that I said I don't want you to be a part of my life. I don't want that anymore."
So cute!

Baker: "Need me for what? Target practice?"

Avenger: "I had a partner. But he's gone and he's never coming back."
If Carly hadn't just gotten off the phone with Bo then I'd be a little worried.

Steph says that she needs to move things forward with Nathan and really get him to commit.
Does anyone else smell fake pregnancy trap?

Daniel is still being oblivious of the Chloe/Carly pitfalls even though Carly keeps trying to remind him.
Carly is grateful to Daniel for helping her relationship with Mel.

Baker puts his hand on Avenger's shoulder. "I understand."
Avenger clear eyed I-will-remove-your-hand-from-your-body stare: "No touching."
Baker says he's in and Avenger skips out of the room, "So many men, so little time."
Still not exactly sure what's going on her, but it's kind of fun to watch.

Ha! Steph just looked at her birthcontrol pills in contemplation. Yeeep. She's planning on trapping Nathan. Grrr.

Chloe comes home to Carly looking at a file. She's not happy.

Nicole: "I know I pushed it tonight. I won't ever do it again. I promise. Just give me another chance, okay?" :rolleyes:

Oh no!
Brady is alone on the dock without his cell phone.
Avenger has him in her sights. This is not going to end well.

Um, Stephanie... plan or not, you do not drop a prescription with your home address on it in a public trash bin.

Carly feels the hostility just coming off Chloe. Run Carly!

Chloe: "I know that you don't think I'm good enough for Daniel."
Carly: "That's not true."
Chloe: "Shut up. Shut your lying mouth. I know what you did."

Nicole just made an enemy in Gabby.

Aaaaaaaand Brady is out. Avenger has more plans for him though. Hhmmm?

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