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Friday, April 30, 2010

Days: Friday, April 30, 2010

It is like 'Where's Waldo'
We want Carly. We want Carly.Come on chant with me... We want Carly. We also need more Kate and Maddie. Today's show should be all about Kate and Maddie and Carly and whoever they want to put in a scene with her. 'Cause at this point I don't care.

E.J. asking Sami to move in is funny.
She says, we need to be open and honest with each other.
Well Sami, then no. E.J. is soooooo beyond even pretending to be honest.

Nicole to Hope: "This is crazy. I didn't mug E.J. any more than you did."

Carly!!!!! "I'm gonna be across the hall and if Vivian tries to kill me I'll yell really really loud." Ha!
Aw, Carly walked Daniel home, and Mel and Philip brought by a welcome home basket.
Daniel: "Why did you get two of them?"
Mel and Carly .... "Oh, that's not funny." I kind of thought it was.

Stefano: "Oh, Elvis. Be American. When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

Hope is 'questioning' Nicole:

Nicole: "I'm so telling my lawyer what you said."
Hope: "Come look at this it'll be fun."
Nicole: "You can't say that. You're a cop. You have to be objective."
Um, Nicole she didn't actually say anything that wasn't a fact the only personal comment was that she didn't enjoy talking to you.

Nicole: "Okay, you're kind of scaring me, and I don't scare easy."
"... you can ask that Hernandez broad."
Dr Baker is not comfortable with Avenger hanging about. He's planning on bolting.

Ha, Mel is talking to her parents about 'marriage is an institution based on mutual trust.'

Carly (with the contrived line of the day award?) directed at Philip. "Well that sounded a little forced. Are you hiding something?"

Stefano definitely does not think Nicole had anything to do with the mugging.
Stefano: "So the blow to your head didn't knock any sense into you?"

Yay! Mrs Brady just said that Bo should be home soon.

Sami doesn't like talking to Marlena because she always has an annoying way of letting her know that her problems are her fault. Um .... Sami... There's a reason for that. Didn't Will say the same thing?
Ooooo Grandma is not okay with the idea of Sami moving into the Dimera Mansion. "Are you totally out of your mind?!?!"

Ah, Mel just nixed the idea of the photo falling. They all know that Chloe was mad and broke the picture. Okay, weird!

So we've got prop Carly today.

Caroline Brady to Sami: "When I say 'It Takes a Village', I don't mean The Village of the Damned"
Okay, that was a major win line!

Ookay, so Mel called Philip on lying about leaving, but not for the reasons she thinks.
Carly is going to go home (to Adrienne's ) but Daniel wants her to stay because he wants to talk. No good can come of this.

Maxine to Mel "Honey, the Saints won the Super Bowl. I can believe almost anything."

Daniel doesn't want Carly to feel uncomfortable in his and Chloe's apartment.

He tells her that she was right about Chloe being upset, but that they've worked it out.
Carly says, that's why she should just go home and stay away, and that Daniel should concentrate on Chloe and that she (Carly) doesn't matter.
He says that Mel is a part of his life so she is too.

Chloe has tracked down Motel desk guy to confront him about lying to her about Dan and Carly. Sooooo if Chloe is really this smart and tenacious, then WHY oh WHY do they always try to paint her as dim?

Nicole and Stefano playing the struggle for control is funny!

Daniel just said "it's smooth sailing"
Dude! That is the death warrant.

Oh, Dr Baker is packed and ready to leave town and he opens the door to Avenger. "Where do you think you're going?" Hahahaha!

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