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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Days: Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rafe!!!! He's so mocking the agents telling him that they don't think that the Anna look-alike was a set up.

Sami told Rafe he was right and he got that little smirk, "you just said I was right." Heehee.

Dr Baker runs up to Hope, "You're just the person I'm looking for."
Hope: "Do I know you."
This is going to be fun.

Nicole is still interviewing E.J. he says, (on camera) "You set me up. To get me back. But you're not going to get away with it." Then he looks at Arianna and says, "Are you getting this?" Awesome!

Dr Baker is listening to the officer calling Hope detective and telling her about the 'mugging' cases.

Nicole tells Arianna to turn off the camera. Arianna: "Not on your life." Hehehehehe.

Aaww, Kate is remembering Madeline. Seriously need more backstory from these two!

Oh, sure.
Madeline just said, "I'm sure he'll (Chad's dad) calm down once they catch the man that attacked him." Haha. Yeah. That's gonna make things better.

Nicole just stole and destroyed the tape from Arianna's camera. Arianna should have swatted her hand or something.

Hope and Officer guy are talking details of the muggings (like the guy figuring out E.J. 's P.I.N.) right on the docks in front of Dr Baker. Ha, so much for investigation secrecy.

Rafe just told Sami that E.J. doesn't trust her with his kids. Hmm? Nah, not this time dude. I think he trusts her, he's just vindictive, and now he's in looooooveeee.

Kate is all, Madeline Woods came into my home and threatened me.
Oh, Kate. Admit it. You looooove her.

Dude! Mia is sooooo trying to play Madeline! Not a smart plan!

Brady is making sense, but he needs to stop defending Nicole.
Seeeeee Ari is back to insecure in that relationship. Brady, man.

Sami just told Rafe, "You're not exactly Agent Objective here."

Love how Rafe is painting Casa DiMera.
Sami is really dressed up for the police station.
Oh! Rafe just told Sami that E.J. wants her back.

Mia says to Madeline: "I just thought you'd feel something for your granddaughter."

Chad: "If Mia wants to mess with my mom, she picked the wrong person." Hehehehehehhe.

Rafe told Sami to be honest with herself for the kids' sake.

Arianna has to call the boss and explain why 'Nicole, pure innocent blameless Nicole, destroyed a news story."

Hope walks into E.J.'s room and he tells her that he remembered something.

Hmm? He's not going to turn in Nicole though. What's he going to say?

Ha!!!!! Mia is trying to get Madeline to tell Chad to give Mia another chance.

Rafe says, "So look me in the eye and tell me that E.J. hasn't tried to make a move on you."
Sami says, "I do not have feelings for E.J."
That's not what he asked Sami.
Rafe!!!!!!! And 'cause you have pretty eyes ....

Hope has her DVR out and tells E.J. to tell her everything he remembers.
We'll see.

Brady asked Nicole why she destroyed the tape because it makes her look guilty. She says she was scared because everyone will believe E.J. and not her and then pleads with Brady to not let her go back to prison and hugs him. Which of course Arianna witnesses.

Sami wants to be near Will. That's the reason that she gives Rafe for wanting to move.

Brady calms Nicole down. Then tells her that he told her not to come back here and this is a perfect example of why. Arianna also witnesses this.
Hope if grilling E.J. he's not as confident as he was a second ago.

Dr Baker sees a teaser for Nicole's news story about the muggings. He says, "I thought you were crazy. You're like a poster child for mental health compared to Detective Just-Visiting-from-Pluto." Ha! lmao

Stefano tells Madeline that the next time he asked to meet with her, not to ignore him. Does he know something? Does Kate talk in her sleep?

Hope: "You got hit from behind."
E.J.: "I know that."
Me: lol
Hope has figured out that it was maybe a woman who did it.

Brady tells Arianna that he didn't know she was there. She says, "I know. I wouldn't have wanted that to be for my benefit."
Brady and Arianna are doing really well. They are handling these little hiccups maturely.
This does not bode well in Soapland though does it?

Oooo Rafe is on the next plane out. I'm assuming Anna related.
He asks Sami to hold off her decision until he gets back from the work trip.
She says that she doesn't think she needs to hold off on her life.
Wow, she's behaving like such a child!

Mia has Random boy kiss her then slaps him.
Random boy says, "What was that for?"
Will says, "For us, it was for our benefit. She wanted to make us jealous."
Mia says that she doesn't want him she wants Chad.

Madeline says, "You and your lovely wife..." didn't catch the rest. She called Kate lovely!

Then Kate had a mem-mirage of her hands all bloody.
What did Kate and Maddie do?

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