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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Days: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I hope that Ciara walks in on Avenger.

Kate and Madeline!!!!

a! Hope is going to take E.J.'s statement in the Avenger's latest clocking.

Oh, Dr Baker is having bad dreams of Avenger.

Ha! Nicole on TV woke him up! "Nicole Dimera is a TV reporter? That's like Paris Hilton being a life coach."

Nicole and Arianna are like, working together. Fairly well too. Arianna isn't taking any of Nicole's diva stuff. And they both just got a text about E.J.'s attack.
News noses are at the ready.

Whoa! Madeline just gave Chad the keys to her car! With the stipulation that they don't tell 'Dad'.

Ha! Mommy Woods is taking back the keys since Chad would have to go to the DiMera mansion. lol Sooooo can't wait for this explanation. I'm guessing it's not as fun as it is in my head.


Oh, E.J. vaguely remembers Dr Baker. Hehee.

Julie is concerned with Hope possibly taking the pills that had fallen on the floor of the police station.

Julie suggests warm baths and soft music to help cure Hope's insomnia.

Julie re: Ciara: "That girl is a little piece of heaven. We should be thanking you."
Hope: gives a look
Julie (slightly taken aback): "Why do I get the eyebrow?"
Me: Bwuahahaha!

"If she tells you that Justin is going to be her new daddy, I didn't say that."
Nice Hope!

Nicole just called Arianna 'Gumdrop'
I love that nickname!

Lexi is going to get into it with Nicole for showing up near E.J.

Arianna doesn't like having to interview E.J.

I wish she'd quit being so nice to him.

Chad: "Does this have to do with Stefano DiMera's reputation? Or do you have something ..... personal against his wife?"
I kid you not, pause was Chad's pause.

Hope says that nothing has changed that she hasn't changed to make Ciara feel any different.
Um, Hope? ..... This ring any bells?

Arianna was afraid E.J. would throw her out for bringing Nicole to do the interview.

Okay, I missed what Kate just said about the Woods s s s.
Madline says that it's not just Kate that it's all of them.
Mmmm. I think it's more Kate. College?

Okay, seriously Madeline looks very worried about Chad being near the DiMeras.
I wonder if she'll go see Kate?

Uh oh. Dr Baker owes Bernie some money.
Bernie looks like a teddy bear.

Oh, yay! Mia/Chad/Will study group. //sarcasm

Commercial sidenote: Okay, Flintstones commercial needs a spokesperson who enunciates better. She said Flintstones now had "choline" but it sounded like 'codeine' lmao

Madeline went to see Kate!!!!! She said she was putting Kate "on notice" Hehehehehe.

Nicole just called Arianna 'Sweet Tart.' Should we start keeping track of the candy nicknames?

Arianna just said "This interview's over." and took her earpiece/headset out. Wonder if someone at the station called it? Funny though.

Oh, okay. Arianna was just trying to pull a stunt. E.J. is soooooooo up to something. I think he just remembered from where he recognized Dr Baker.

Oh, Hope can't get another script and is kind of freaking a little.
Now her Doctor is suspicious. Dude! Make her turn the dirty/floor pills in.

Oh! He just did! Ha!

Madeline wants Kate to stay away from her.
Um, Madeline. You went to her house.

Maddie just threatened Kate to have Will stay away from Chad or she'll make Kate's "pretty little world that you've cooked up for yourself" disappear. "And you know I can do it."
Really? Gonna be FUN!

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