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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Days: Tuesday April 27, 2010

Woohoo! Carly is awesome! Mel is all "Thanks" they are sooooooooooo cute!

Philip is giving Chloe the comic death stare.

Daniel is all hopped up on pain meds and is oblivious. Chloe is regretful and crying and needs a hug, but should still sit in her guilt a little bit longer.
Vivian thinks that Chloe still thinks that Carly and Daniel were at the motel.

Had to go help co-workers for a second. Back now.
Sami is crying over spilled E.J.

Commercial sidenote: Question.....
If the revlon color stay lipstick stays on all day, then what do you have to use to take it off? Also, I have never gotten 'color stay' lipstick to stay on all day. Granted you don't have to re apply as often, but even doing a show or filming you still have to touch it up. Sorry, back to the show. :)

Carly tells Vivian that she doesn't even know what the fight between Chloe and Daniel was about. Vivian says she's does the calls Carly a homewrecker.

They are really dragging out this Chloe/Philip in the sack reveal aren't they?
Also, they need to stop showing flashbacks because I'm not watching from the comfort of my own home today. They could at least warn a girl so I can minimize the window really quick.

Oh, yes.
I forgot about the loud public speaking of secrets.

Now Chloe is like, "Truth? Oh, it's not a big deal."
Aw, Mel is being all snuggly with Philip in the background.
He needs to tell her!

I love Rafe digging around. He even makes Stefano explain himself even if he's making it up.

Dr Baker is sweating bullets over E.J. spotting him.

Sami and E.J. kissed.

Mel and Philip ad-libbing in the background behind Chloe and Daniel is distracting.

Carly is all 'off' since her run-in with Vivian and Chloe apologized for her outburst earlier.

Aw. Chloe said, "You're a really terrific friend and a good person." Yay! Chloe!

Vivian is listening in and is all Heehee.

Help has arrived to the pier.
Rafe is still doing this to Stefano. It's kind of fun to watch.

Aw. Daniel is being a great dad to Mel right now. Soooo sweet! I'm loving this scene! Mel is just not keeping ANYthing in anymore is she?

There we go!
Chloe and Philip publicly discussing 'it' at java.
Philip: "It's just weird how we were both wrong about all of this."
Oh Carly just walked into Java.
BTW Her hair is down. Just saying.

Vivian to Gus: "Please don't treat me like I"m senile." Oh, why not Viv? lol

Sami is still freaked out even after E.J. has been checked out in the ER? Wow!
He of course takes the opportunity to hold her hand and breath out "Samanthaaa"
Now Lexi is all freaked out too. Again I say

Adrienne needs to have more scenes with her roomie and less with Stephanie.

Mel starts to tell Daniel that she got his honesty from him, but he puts it back on Maggie for teaching Mel.

Chloe and Philip are still talking and Carly walks up to them.
Philip is freaked out by Carly's presence. "What, they don't have coffee at the hospital?"
Carly: "Well they call it that, but every time I have a break I come here." Good to know. Carly sits down with Chloe because she's concerned that Chloe looks like something is wrong.

Who is this 'Santos' that Dr Baker is talking to? If Father Ray, or even Danny show up I'm gonna laugh.
Sami: "You already showed me your gratitude."
Oh, E.J. doesn't remember the kiss. Heehee.

Uh oh. Philip and Daniel are alone.
It's time for the "don't hurt my daughter speech."
Oh, okay, maybe not. Daniel says: "You don't have to walk on eggshells with me."
Okay, He did! Woo! "You do anything to hurt my little girl... I'll break your neck."

This guilt thing is going to eat at Chloe. She's going to fall apart before it gets better.

I'm sorry, but reality check... My hair would NEVER look like Carly's after being up in a ponytail or bun for hours of surgery and recovery. Not even a break would give me time to fix it.

Rafe needs to just walk away. She's never going to be as devoted to him as he is to her. Rafe.... I'll comfort you

Vivian just referred to her newly formed plan as brilliant. Gus doesn't look so sure.

Oh! Adrienne's hair looks much better now then the 'do' she had before. Love the fun chunky look.

Chloe just said, "Daniel can never find out that we slept together." While she was talking to Philip on the phone outside of Java. Nathan heard. I'm sure he'll see this as an opening to Mel.

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