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Monday, April 26, 2010

Days: Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh yeah! Forgot that Avenger knocked out E.J. while talking to Dr Baker. Hehehehe.
Ready for soapy drama!

Aw, Chloe has to deal with 'dealing' with Philip. Carly looks like she knows what happened. Did I forget something that happened Friday?
Daniel is blissfully oblivious.

Absolutely NO idea what's going on with Avenger.

Mel is all apologetic. Dude, this time Philip needs to be the one apologizing.

Daniel wants to know what Chloe means when she says, "I ruined everything."

Dr Baker won't let Avenger kill E.J.
Why not Dr Baker? Why not?

Ha! Gus is all irritated with Vivian!
Methinks that Gus has a soft spot for Chloe.

Daniel is explaining everything to Chloe. When he mentioned that Carly got a specialist the little smile that Carly gave.
Chloe: "What have I done?"
Carly looks worried now. :( s all around!

Mel says that Philip has every right to hate her because she was unfaithful to him by still having feelings for Nathan.

He still hasn't had a chance to tell her about Chloe.
Mel just said that if she had been unfaithful physically with Nathan then that would be unforgivable. Now I don't think Philip will ever tell her. We'll see.

I think that Avenger was triggered when the boxes fell on Hope and Carly in the weird basement/backroom/remote viewing room Vivian set up when she was trying to kill Mel.

Carly is very concerned about Chloe being so upset. How much do I love her for that!?!?!

Seriously! Carly hasn't said one word in how many minutes, but Crystal is killing us with these little subtle looks. The Master I say.

Cause Shawn's all scruffy, a strand of Nadia's hair got stuck on his chin!
Cute little ad lib.
Chloe wants to call Philip to keep 'it' a secret but he's not going to answer.

Really! Sami and Will look like siblings! It's a little weird. Okay, more than a little. They're both doing a great job, but siblings!

Avenger did not know that Dr Baker is in fact a Dr. Hmmm? Still completely about this sub-plot.
She just jacked E.J.'s wallet.

Sami and Will arguing about Sami and the kids living at the mansion versus Will living at the mansion.
So very very surreal.

Ha! Chloe to Carly: "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Chloe start to explain why she was calling Philip. Carly says, "You don't have to explain. I know why you're calling him."

Hehehe. Chloe thinks that Carly knows about "it". I think Carly thinks that she's calling Philip because he and Daniel are kind of like cousins/brothers. Being Victor's son and Victor's godson.

Avenger is blocking Dr Baker's escape.
She took offense and pulled her gun (Army of One style) when he called her a bitch.

Aw, Sami found E.J. knocked out. Wonder what she's gonna do when she finds out Auntie Hope is the one who did it.

Nope. Carly thought Chloe was calling Philip to get in touch will Melanie about Daniel's surgery.

Ah, Carly picks up on Chloe's "I never would have..." Geez! Carly is so friendly and concerned for Chloe!

Carly finally gets through to Mel to tell her about Daniel's surgery. Woohoo!

Philip is afraid that Chloe is going to spill the beans about "it" while she's sitting there in Daniel's hospital room?

Avenger is psycho! Love it!

Hahaha. Another of Vivian's little day dreams.
Dude! Crystal so perfectly mimicked Michael's face when Carly stabbed Lawrence! Awesome!
Wonder if Nadia accidentally got her too? Hope not, just wondering.

Avenger wants to go into 'business' with Dr baker?

Avenger is out to get men. "Only men" Really, where is this going? So confused.

So it was a cell phone and a wallet, not 2 wallets that E.J. had.
I wonder how many cell phones are in the water now?

Aw, Mel is 'just so tired of secrets' Molly is really bringing it in these scenes.
Chloe's little outburst "Oh my God I am so sorry, please forgive me." Philip just totally gave her the funniest 'death glare' I've ever seen!

Why doesn't Sami have her phone?

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