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Friday, April 23, 2010

Days: Friday, April 23, 2010

Hmmm? Wonder if we'll find out if Hope is Gina or Avenger. So, so confused.

Aw, Rafe had a Sami dream.

Sami is all squiggy over E.J. wanting her to move in.

Mel is sad and Maggie gets her to open up.
Mel says she's happy because she and Philip are finally going to be happy for the rest of their lives.
Philip is at Chloe's.

Carly and Maxine are trying to get Daniel to be still and not move around.

Oh, Chloe. Carly does not have Daniel's heart. listen to them.

Hope and Dr having a drink in the poker room. Still I'm confused.

E.J. is still using the "my father is sick" line to get the kids back to the mansion.

Hahahaha! E.J. said, "My father is not responsible for the problems in our family."

Oh! Dr Baker does not know who Hope/Avenger is. Interesting.

Hope/Avenger: "I like to .... rescue people. It's what I do." Really? Interesting.

I wonder if Avenger is going to 'rescue' Bo or Justin or ..... Carly?

E.J. re Stefano: "My father is very ill, and he has softened a great deal."

Hehehe. E.J. call Stefano 'soft' to his face!

Daniel wants to call Chloe and Carly is trying to make him stay still because apparently too much movement can compromise the effects of the surgery.
I would have thought they'd keep him sedated until that fragile window had passed.

Rafe went to see Sami! Woohoo!

Maggie is trying to get Mel to say that she no longer has feelings for Nathan, and all Melanie will say is "I am committed to Philip."

Daniel is doped up and finds his cell phone fascinating.
He's not going to rest until he talks to or sees Chloe. Aaaww. It's so sweet.
To bad Chloe and Philip are mauling each other in solace.

Commercial Sidenote: I'm sooooo glad that they finally made Reese's in pieces.
Oh wait!
For international readers, or others who might not know, Reese's pieces were a total product placement in the movie E.T. They've been around for a while, they aren't new. It's very odd that they're marketing them as such.

Hope/Avenger is messing with Dr Baker. I have no idea what she's planning.

Melanie is going to tell Philip everything that happened with Nathan. She's being very mature.

Carly is speedy with the texting.
Okay, Chloe and Philip are not for work viewing. Had to minimize until the jazzy music goes away. Chloe and Philip both look like they regret it already. Raise your hand if you think Chloe just got pregnant! It's would classic soapiness if she couldn't get pregnant with Daniel, and Carly gave him a daughter, she's been feeling inadequate so her accidentally getting pregnant by Philip would be a classic storyline. We'll see. :)

Aw, Rafe tells Sami, "I will always love you."
BTW anyone who is liking Hope with a gun, needs to watch the movie 'Army of One' also known as 'Joshua Tree'
Saw it a loooong time ago. Was a fun movie.

Aw, Rafe tells Sami, "I will always love you."

BTW anyone who is liking Hope with a gun, needs to watch the movie 'Army of One' also known as 'Joshua Tree'

Saw it a loooong time ago. Was a fun movie.

Oh, Chloe, that wasn't very nice to call Daniel those names. He was NOT the one to cheat.

Sami! "E.J. is not manipulating me!"

Sami thinks that if she's with Sydney all the time then she will call her 'mama'.

Carly walks up to Chloe at the hospital, "Chloe good, I'm so glad you're here." She's excited and relieved, she knows that Daniel wants Chloe there so badly.
Chloe calls her a bitch. Chloe... don't make me smack you.

Melanie is just telling Philip everything.
She says that she told Nathan everything that she's telling Philip right now.
Philip was not expecting that.

Aw, Chloe is going to have to work out everything to make sense in her head.

Sami said, "Rafe was right. Damnit E.J." Mark this on your calendars!

Ooooo E.J. just ran into Dr Baker. This isn't going to be pretty.

Philip and Chloe are all completely regretting what happened.

Seeee. Talk to your sweeties before taking out your frustrations.

Sami is pissed.

Hope/Avenger knocked out E.J. Heeheehee

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