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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Days: Thursday, April 22, 2010

Uh oh Hope and Hyde has a gun!

Aw, Nathan's sad because Melanie is avoiding him.

Giani wants his daddy. Well that's what always happens when your with the parent who pays attention and makes you mind because you're not at the giant house where noise isn't an issue.

It's time for Daniel's surgery!!!

Vivian is enjoying Chloe's rant more than she should.
Is that a frog ring that she has on?

Giani needs to be grounded.

Okay, so Avenger (Hope's alter ego's new name) is fully aware that Hope is still inside, the same is not true of Hope.

Nathan is making Melanie uncomfortable.

See, now the orderly/doctor guy is just making stuff up. Grrrrr.

Okay, I'm sure that the top Mel has on is cute, but right now with her hair an blouse and Nathan's shirt, I kind of feel like I'm watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie.

E.J. is all waxing domestic.

Chloe, for the love of ..... please talk to someone else in the hospital.

Vivian.... if that was an Oscar winning performance.... Oh! You must actually be on the Daytime Emmy awards panel. (Sorry couldn't resist. Still think Crystal should have won last year. I know you're not surprised. )

Melanie is going to tell Nathan what was in the letter that Stephanie was supposed to give him.

Mel just told Nathan that her letter said that she would leave Philip for him.
He's happy. She says it doesn't matter because he didn't come then he kisses her to stop her rambling. Of course Philip is watching all stalkery through the door.

Haha! Chloe knows how to get info at the hotel.
Love the oil paintings the set dept got. They're perfect!

How is Avenger going to get out of the house with both Justin and Philip just off the entryway.

Yeah Sami, use E.J. as a reference for forgiving personal transgressions.

Okay, so that's actually Hope, she's going to be bait for the mugger. Can't wait for 'the mugger' to meet Hope. Hehehe.
Would be cool if they end up doing a mirror thing. Characters seeing their other personalities only in the mirror is always fun.

I don't know Mel. I would be afraid of what Philip would do if you left him.

Aw, Daniel is saying Chloe's name. Carly is right there and says that Chloe will be there soon.
Philip has been drinking and looks completely gone. He's had much more than what's in that flask! Apparently drunk Philip walked through a wind tunnel.

Ooooooo. Sami's psycho doctor was playing poker with the boys and Hope. Hmmm? No idea where they're going with this one. Ha!

So Mel told Nathan it's over and he says he'll move on. They seal the deal with a hug 'cause that's playing it safe.

E.J. suggests that Sami live with him. She scoffs.

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