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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Days: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Arianna and Nicole are going to give us one awesome work day!

Hope is sooooo past gone.

We should ask what's in the box, Tommy Bear would tell us.

Ha, Nicole thinks that it's a joke. Arianna has it figured out.
Nicole thinks she can fire Arianna.

Aw, Daniel left before he said something he couldn't take back, but now Chloe is sad.

Vivian is just missing the little red apple to give to Carly. She's all creepy with Chloe.

Victor doesn't want Carly to operate on Daniel. Well too bad, Danny says it's okay.

Still don't know what's in the box.

Ciara did go a little "They're heeerre." for a minute.

Brady's been running....

Justin is nosy.

Arianna: "You can't fire me."
Nicole: "I totally can. I'm talent."

Ciara is a great little liar.
Hope: "You're awfully quiet honey. It's like you don't want me to know what you're thinking."
That's because she tell her she's making things up and then ground her!

Ciara: "I don't know what's going on in your head either mommy." Thank you! Join the club baby girl!

be is ready for his interview.

Haha, awesome! They assigned Arianna as the camera crew since Nicole didn't give any notice.

This is so going to rock!

Aw, Arianna can't keep the camera still because the Days director has her holding it too far out so as not to block her face.

Victor: "Let him fix it." Dude, Daniel can not do surgery on his own head.

Hope wants Tommy Bear to tell her what's going on with Ciara. Ciara says, "He can't talk." Hope says, "Shoot. I was hoping he could tell me how to help you. Why you're making up things like me saying that about Uncle Justin." Hope! Let it go! Move on! Try to figure out why you keep having dizzy spells, blackouts and noise weirdness.

Arianna is being all kinds of a better professional than Nicole. It's killing me.
I'm going to enjoy this working relationship.

Ha! He announced Hope Brady as the head of the task force!

Hope is telling Justin that Ciara is making things up.
Justin thinks that Ciara is normal.
Hope, Ciara only stole stickers because you made her doubt herself.

Chloe is calling Vivian out about trying to manipulate her. And she's countering her very well.
Father Walton just showed up. Woo!

Poor Daniel is honest to a fault isn't he.
Carly did not need to know that you were fighting with Chloe about her. She already feels bad for Chloe tension.

Ha. Hope told Justin that Ciara said that Hope had said Justin would be her new daddy.

It still gets me that it's okay with Hope for Ciara to live in a house with Vivian, but not to visit a house with Carly.
Too bad Hope, Carly is going to be Ciara's stepmommy. Deal with it!

Vivian says that somehow she's going to make Chloe "into a weapon of Manning's destruction."
Vivian's got her own WMD now?

Haha. Arianna and Gaby:
Arianna: "No, actually I'm at the police station."
Gaby: "What'd you do?" lol

Carly re: Chloe: "She's drop dead gorgeous and I hear she has the voice of an angel." Aaawwwww!

Justin, I recommend that you keep an eye on Hope while she's "sleeping" she's bound to escape again.

Vivian: "I don't know. Every time you hate some woman, you use animal imagery."

Chloe needs to follow Father Walton's advice and go to the hospital.

Hope over slept?
Methinks she's got a multiple personality thing going on. Gina maybe?

Carly looks so pretty in her scrubs!

Ha! Brady is all on Arianna's side, "Working with Nicole. This is not what you signed up for."
But Arianna is determined to stay and not give in. Awesomeness!

Evil Hope: "Tonight is gonna be the night." What?
Is she going to "go all the way" with Justin? If so, then why did she bash him on the head Soooo confused!

Chloe made it to the hospital!
I'm not liking this nurse. He should have been strong and laughed at Vivian.

Uh oh! Justin is getting Jealous of Bo now.
Oooh. He's checking on Hope.

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