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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Days: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Carly! Woohoo!
Can't wait.
Hope they give her lines and she isn't just standing on the edge of the scene watching other people talk about her like she's not there.

Adrienne! Keep calling out Hope. Pleeeeease!

Ha! Ciara just called Hope on "Uncle Justin could be your new daddy." Awesome! Hope is gone!

Carly is going to try something else to help with Daniel's vision.

Aw, Hope just told Ciara that she must have dreamed it. This is not going to end well.

Hope just "found out" about Abe. I still think she did it.

Aw, Vivian just told Gus that she needed someone who "could drive a stake through that vampire woman's non-existent heart. "
Carly does so have a heart.:( Vivian needs to get back to the planning and lay off the exposition.

Hope: "He's attacked you, the D.A. and Victor Kiriakis' nephew. He's got guts. Kind of makes you wonder what he's gonna do next."

That was a very "CHiPs" moment.

Awesome! Carly got a guest surgeon to come and work on Daniel and she's going to assist!
She's adorable when she's happy!

I think Nicole doesn't see Chloe as a threat because she thinks she can manipulate her, but Carly is another story. Nicole needs to have another person be the villain to take the focus off of her.

Okay, Daniel is reading more into Carly's statements then she means.
Does Nicole know something? "When it comes to men, no woman stands a chance against Carly." Have they met in a past life?

Vivian just looked like a college student walking into the pub.

Oh, the bone marrow transplant went well.
Hope: "If you want an update on Bo I suggest you talk to Carly Manning. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have laid that on you."

Uh, it was the truth. Why shouldn't you have said it?

Hope is hearing white noise.

Ha! Carly is the one (Dr) Hope has to talk to about the case.

Vivian's little daydream about getting Chloe to kill Carly....

Aw, Bo called Carly and Hope is there to see it.

Uh, oh. Daniel just heard Chloe say, "I wish that Carly Manning would just drop off the face of the earth."

Lexi just told Theo that Abe is coming home today.
Theo is a smart cookie. He needs to spend more time with Hope. Hehehe.

Nicole is totally Chloe's Iago! She's filling her head with doubts and bad thoughts about Carly.

Newsflash Victor, "Nicole is a controlled substance..." That's nothing that Arianna hasn't already told him to his face.
I think she's right. He is underestimating her, but she's going to be surprised when she sees who she's P.A.ing for

Aw, Hope heard Carly say, "I love you too." to Bo meaning he said it first. Awww.
Carly is being so much nicer than Hope deserves right now.
She's being all concerned about her and everything.

Aw, Nicole doesn't want to go on camera without hair and make-up. She's a Diva already.

Abe: "I didn't know a prison record was a good background for a reporter."

Hope and Ciara are having to have a 'talk' Ciara stole reward stickers from her teacher's desk.
Hope: "You can always tell me when you're feeling sad." "I'll always be here for you."
Um, no actually Hope that's not true. You were out mugging people when she woke up last night and then told her that she was dreaming about what you told her.

Chloe is telling Daniel that Carly is the problem. Chloe sweetie. Carly isn't doing ANYthing.

Hehe. I love Daniel's logical explanations.

See, there is the problem. Daniel just told Chloe that she tells other people what she's feeling and not him.
Chloe says that she didn't tell him that she didn't want to see a therapist (and that's where all of Chloe's resentment is coming from. He should have listened to her then but he didn't, he rushed off and now it's snowballed.)

Chloe just called Carly a whore to Daniel's face.

Ciara is looking around in Hope's room and finds a box..... (of wallets? Maybe)

Arianna and Nicole just found out that they're working together.

Daniel told Chloe "Two or three months ago you wouldn't have used the word whore to describe anyone."
Maybe Chloe has been drinking the same mind altering water that Hope has.

Tommy Bear gets to see what's in the box and we don't? So unfair!

Tomorrow's clips showed Arianna with the camera yelling 'Cut!'.
Why does the P.A. have the camera? The crew must not have gotten there, but they usually have the equipment with them. It's All-purpose Arianna.

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