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Monday, April 19, 2010

Days: Monday, April 19, 2010

So we start off with Mel's hand on Nathan's knee.
Oh, no! The person that died under Nathan was a fundraising chairwoman for the hospital!
Oh, and The awesome nurse and Stephanie walked in on Mel and Nathan holding hands.
Ciara left her lunch at home. Hope is very busy and frustrated, she's not doing well at work today. Wonder if Carly will end up taking lunch to Ciara?

Sami to Stefano: "Thanks and admiration? I'm gonna have to update my Facebook status." lmao

Abe is considering having Hope take a break fro the force. She begs him not to because it's the only thing she has to hang onto right now. Adrienne walks up behind Abe and says, "I wonder why that is."

Rafe and E.J. are odd in their encounters. They are both so reserved and yet antagonistic. It's creepy calmness to the extreme.

Oh, Nathan and Mel are in "the principal's office" with Lexi. She's grilling them. Love it!
"I've got an intern and a nursing student..." You also had a very capable nurse in the room who did nothing.
Uh, oh dead woman's daughter is there. Stephanie and Nathan are going to talk to her.

Adrienne to Hope: "Tell me do you check up on Justin as part of your police work."
Adrienne is so calling Hope out about her mixed up self and Justin and calling Adrienne to come back, then telling her to leave. Adrienne!

Uh, why is it so hard for Stefano to believe that Sami is Marlena's child. Marlena was not an innocent.
Oooops. Stefano almost spilled the beans in frustration.
"I just can not believe my son ..." Hehehehehe.

Did Hope just call Ciara 'puppy'? Hope is completely flustered and distracted. She's not handling things well.

Adrienne told Justin she already has an owner for the bar, but the the new owner wants to change the name.

Sami accuses Stefano of "kidnapping" Giani's penguin to keep the kids there.

Kate brings a message from Mary to Sami, "The penguin is in the diaper bag. Whatever that means."

It kind of sounds like spy code. "The Penguin is in the diaper bag."

Adrienne says that she's realized that she was leaning on Justin, but that she doesn't need to any more.

Oh, Rafe...
"We've got Anna Dimera in custody. We're finally going to know what happened."
Um, probably not dude.

Kate re: E.J.'s attraction to Sami: "I don't get it. It's like some kind of whistle that only dogs can hear."
......"Then they all spawn with her as well and we're left trying to make a family with all the (whispered) 'Little Ones')
E.J. told Stefano that Anna is in custody. Bet you Stefano regrets not killing her now.

Nathan just told Mel that he was thinking about her when he was working on dead woman.
That's okay Nathan, because Mel was so freaked out she wasn't thinking about anything. So NOT good in a crisis. Mommy needs to teach her to keep her head in an emergency.

I love Rafe filling Sami in on E.J.'s reaction to the news about Anna.
Dude! E.J. said, "I'm gonna lose the children. I'm gonna lose Samantha." Ha! He's all smitten

Ciara is scared that Hope was gone when she woke up. Ciara misses daddy and uncle Justin too. Uh. Hope says, "Maybe we can solve both of those problems." Ciara says, "How mommy?" (right there with you kiddo ) Hope says, "Maybe someday Uncle Justin can be your new daddy."

Hope's gone off the deep end, and that leaves Bo securely in Carly's court. Woohoo!

Uh, oh. They arrested an Anna stand-in.

Now Abe got knocked over the head too. Who is doing it?
Hope? Has she gone all Jeckyl and Hyde? Is that why she's always tired and left Ciara unattended?

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