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Friday, April 16, 2010

Days: Friday, April 16, 2010

Lunch and work and Days. Too much to do!
Ready for Days action. Pleeeeease say we get Carly today.
I need a Carly booster

Oooo. I forgot about CC and the cameras!

Philip skulking and spying on Mel is creepy.

Rafe thinks Anna is in Morocco.

Sami just told Ali that they were going to pick up Giani and Sydney and rescue them from the evil dungeon.

Oh Stefano did NOT just say that?!?!
"You're a man and she's a woman, you tell her that's the way it is and you bring your children and come live here."

Lucas is traveling and wants Sami to ship Ali to Hong Kong for 2 weeks.
That's the last we'll see of Ali for a while.
Wow, Brady just told Arianna not to let Nicole manipulate her.

Mel seems to think that if she tells Philip and Nathan enough times that she no longer has feelings for Nathan then it will be true.

We know how well that worked out for Natalia don't we? Aaww, Otalia. :)

Brady just laid it out for Nicole! "Arianna doesn't want to hurt you. She doesn't want to be around you."
And CC is taking down all of it in her little notebook.

Why are the daycare doctors playing without adult supervision? That poor woman might have a chance if Dr Manning comes to the rescue.

Nathan: "Does it hurt?" then she she says, "I can't breathe" he keeps asking her questions. Dude!

Heehee. I knew it! As soon as Brady and Arianna left CC runs back over to Nicole.

Rafe is surprised that Will is living at the mansion. Where did he think Will was living when he said he was moving out?!? He didn't care enough to ask then, but he's all indignant now.

Okay, why doesn't the actual nurse step in instead of letting the nursing student handle the life and death situation?
Oh no! The kiddie medicals just got a sad lesson from the sage nurse.

Rafe just egged the old Sami to come back out!

Ha! Nicole wasn't expecting that the interview was live!

CC Chavez just got a network pick-up and is moving to New York.
Maybe she'll come back in a couple of months. What? It's my new wish. Jess needs a steady job. In my opinion.

I love that you can hear pool balls clicking in the background of Philip and Brady's scene.

Okay, how much do I love that Rafe is refusing to be together with Sami for very real-life valid non soapy reasons. And he's explaining them to her.

So are they giving CC's spot to Nicole or to Arianna?
Wait! Wasn't that whole "was that the whole truth?" thing after CC got a call, after the interview had aired?

Mel and Nathan are sad and look like they need hugs.
That locker room is going to need thoroughly scrubbed with bleach I'm guessing!

So Stefano sounds perturbed at having to keep another of E.J.s secrets. They're okay when they're his own, but not his sons.

Oh no!
Arianna's going to be Nicole's P.A.

Stefano asked if E.J. and Sami had "bonded". Hehehehe. and Eeww!

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