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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Days: Thursday, April 15, 2010

Waiting to see if Philip goes "domestic" and stalker like.

Do you think it's possible for someone to hang Brady upside down from a tree and beat the "Nicole" out of him like a pinata? 'Cause that's not getting old.

Carly is in the pool hall with Adrienne!
Was it me or was Adrienne looking a little flirty?

Philip is not okay with Mel going to the hospital.

Oh! Brady didn't send Arianna with the check. She delivered it without his knowledge.
Um, Arianna if you're a team.... wait Brady is saying what I was going to say. never mind.

You know what. As much as Philip's quiet seething worries me with the possessive spousal abuse vibes he's giving off. I do so much prefer it to the whiny pouting that some of the characters would do in this situation.

Okay, I really, really love Brady and Arianna talking thinks out.
I forgot that the stipulation was that Nicole leave town. oops!

Chloe wonders where Carly is cause she didn't sleep int he guest room last night.
Poor Chloe is just an emotionally confused mess right now. She's warring with herself over making Daniel happy and keeping Carly out of her space.

Aw! Carly friend called Adrienne out about her feelings for Justin.
Hope annoys me. I actually like Ciara in this scene.

Um, Nicole just outed herself didn't she? She just told Brady that it was hard for her to get a job because everyone in town couldn't forget what she did.
Waiting to see his reaction.

Uh oh. Daddy is going to have a little chat with Melanie. Heehee.

Brady is still trying to get Nicole to leave town.

Who else thinks that Day's fascination with Twitter is because of @CrystalChappell?

Ooooo Nicole just gave Brady back his check.

Carly and Adrienne could play a friendly game of high stakes pool. I'm tired of Carly just standing in scenes not doing anything. Hey, directors.... it's called blocking. It makes things visually interesting. Just sayin'.

Okay, after that scene with Justin and Hope I have to say that Adrienne needs to back off a bit and let him get Hope out of his system. He's gone over the Hopefall now. He's all . He'll get bored and come back to Adrienne, but she shouldn't waste her energy right now.

Uh oh. Philip is too upset with his own problems to listen to Chloe right now.

Brady .... It's preemptive. You're gonna need that in a few minutes I think.

Hope heard Ciara say, "I miss you too Uncle Justin." and now she thinks, 'Ooooo, Ciara is okay with Justin, and Bo is doing what I asked and has left me alone and stopped pressuring me and has moved on. So she needs someone, and Justin is just lying there waiting.

Wait, Hope is all cop mode since she checked Justin out of the hospital. This just feels all kinds of wrong and unethical on her part.
She's giving him the look.
Ha! "Please don't go."

Chloe's circular explanation just made me dizzy!

Hope is soooooo gonna go after Justin now.

Nicole had better not ruin this interview for Arianna.

Um, Daniel and Carly are going to try a 'technique' for his double vision. Hehehehehe. I'm guessing that Chloe will be an inadvertent witness.

Nicole: "Wait 'til I tell Brady." Wow. Seriously just had a childhood flashback.
Does she think that Arianna set her up to be interviewed on camera?

Hope is apologizing to Adrienne for having her come to Salem. Adrienne can tell that she's just wishing now that she didn't have any competition for Justin.

How about if they decided to make Ms Chavez a new permanent character? But the girl that played her today is unavailable so they give the part to Jessica Leccia and she flies in every other week or so to film her scenes?
That works, no?

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