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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Days: Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Heehee I'm looking forward to Carly and Adrienne scenes.

Hope need to comfort a despondent Rafe!

Aawww, Kate and Mary got the bedrooms ready for Sydney and Giani.

Stephanie is still harping and getting on my nerves.

Philip doesn't look too pleased, but Stephanie is all with the gloating.

Roman is going to have a talk with Rafe about Sami. Maybe "Don't let her push you away, she's a nutcase. Be there for her to show her the way."

Nervous Mel is sooooo not convincing. Is she even capable of lying? I don't think I've seen it.

Roman, please, please, please PLEASE do not use the term 'shacking up' when referring to E.J. staying at Sami's.

Ding ding ding. Sami wins a prize! "I have been such a gullible idiot!"

Sami just asked E.J. to tell her the truth and it better be good.
Sami needs a b.s. detector, because she wouldn't know whether E.J. is telling the truth or not.

Uh, Philip is scaring me. He's got that look that guys get when they're possessive and and they've lost control of their wives.
And now, Mel's playing the part. "You really are the best." Hmmm? This has some seriously soapy and socially relevant potential. And would provide honest conflict between Mel and Carly if Mama tries to get her out of the situation? Maybe it won't go there, but that's the feeling I got in that scene.

Hmm, I just had a thought. I wonder if Alison Sweeney actually busted her lip when they were filming the fight scene? her lip is taking way longer to 'heal' than Nicole's bruises.
Is it wrong that I completely missed everything E.J. said in that last scene. I think my brain decided to block out his voice.

Sami and E.J. are giving me a headache......

Sami is going to the mansion too! Heehee.

Yeah, Mel. Why would Stephanie have a reason to be concerned about Nathan's interest in you? Hmmmm?

Thank you Kate! I was wondering where Ali was if the other two kids where with them. I'm glad she asked!

Hahahaha! E.J. is busted again! Stefano: "What makes you think I'm sick?"
This is definitely not a mini-Carly day for Mel.

'm wondering why they don't have Giani and Ali in scenes together more often. I mean for young twins they spend a very large amount of time apart.

Hm, Mel is actually talking to Philip about her feelings for Nathan prior to the wedding. I'm a little shocked. I was expecting her to deny it for longer at least.

Pool table behind Arianna. Just sayin'.

E.J. covering, telling Stefano that he doesn't have to be embarrassed about being sick.
Stefano doesn't even want to let Sami take Sydney up to the bedrooms.
It's like creepy Dimera compound mentality. Seriously Sami should 'bug' Sydney. She'd learns TONS of things!

Stephanie said she's not worried, not when Nathan is looking at her like he is right now.
Did I miss something? He um actually looked bored and about to fall asleep to me.

Oh, Sami is not down for a sleepover at the mansion.

E.J., kids fall asleep in the car and get woken up again all the time!
Sami, don't do it. Grab the kids and leave.

Okay, Mel is asleep and Philip is drinking in bed and he's seething and remember hearing Stephanie talking about the letter to Nathan.
This is going to be bad.

Kate shut the door on Sami! Heehee

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